Crazy for Cheese? This Cheese Specialty Restaurant in Shibuya Is Perfect for You!

  • Have you ever dreamed of having an entire meal made from cheese? I certainly have and now, you can turn this dream into a reality at this cheese specialty restaurant in Shibuya (渋谷)!

    Cheese Cheers Cafe (CCCチーズチーズカフェ) is located in the middle of Shibuya and every dish on their menu, from the appetizers to the desserts, feature a ton of cheese. The interior of the restaurant is like a cottage in the woods, making it the perfect escape away from the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in Japan.

    Cheese Cheers Cafe uses specially chosen types of cheese in various Italian dishes. They have around 30 to 40 types of cheese that are either from various places around the world or freshly made in store.


    There are numerous cheese-filled items on the appetizer menu, but their most popular one is the Melting Burrata (とろけるブッラータ). This is a two-layered dish where there is a layer of mozzarella wrapped around another mozzarella mixed with a special cream sauce. When you dip your knife into the cheese, you get another delicious sauce that melts out. The cheese is placed on top of mini tomatoes marinated with three types of herbs.

    Another extremely popular appetizer is the Authentic Raclette Cheese (本格ラクレットチーズ). The enormous wheels of cheese are melted in a special oven and are placed and remelted on a skillet and poured onto a various assortment of meat and vegetables. The combination of the salty cheese, meat, and vegetables has customers coming back for more.

    Main Dishes

    The ajillo and meat dishes are some of the most popular amongst the main dish menu of Cheese Cheers Cafe. Ajillo is a type of small plate dish from Spain that points to a dish of ingredients boiled in olive oil and garlic. The ajillo at Cheese Cheers Cafe are served with the skillet on a wooden plate to make sure that the dish stays hot while you are eating it. The most popular ajillo dish on the menu is the Camembert Cheese Ajillo, which features an entire wheel of Camembert cheese from Denmark. The cheese goes perfectly with the oil, garlic, and tomatoes. You can use the leftover oil sauce with the baguettes that come with the plate as well.

    There are three main meat menus and each are extremely popular: the Jersey Beef Mountain Cottage Steak (ジャージー牛の山小屋ステーキ), the Cheese Covered Sparerib (チーズまみれのスペアリブ), and the Lamb Loin Grill (仔羊背肉のグリル), which all feature cheeses in various ways and are highly recommended items from the menu.


    The dessert for the course menu changes on a daily basis, but some of the items are cheese-filled desserts such as cheese pudding, cake, tiramisu, and pancake.

    Apart from the various food items, the drink menu at Cheese Cheers Cafe also abounds with several items that are made to match the cheese items (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

    If you absolutely love cheese and can never get enough of it, the Cheese Cheers Cafe is the perfect place to visit. Its location in the middle of Shibuya makes it easy to visit and you can go there for lunch or dinner!

    Cheese Cheers Cafe Shibuya Website

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