Learn about Japanese animals in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

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    The park opened in 1882 and is Japan’s first zoo. It is located in Ueno, Tokyo. The walk from Ueno station to the zoo only takes 15 minutes. There are two zones; the west zone and the east zone. A monorail is connecting the two zones and, by the way, is Japan’s first monorail!

    Zoo entrance ticket costs from JPY200 to JPY600 and is free for children younger than junior high school.

    Why should you visit this zoo?

    Well, there are plenty of different animals such as birds, bats, and ones of the most popular animals – the giant panda and the polar bear. Ezo deers and Japanese antelope are also appreciated by tourists very much. If you want to learn more about Japan, this is a great place, since the park has a lot of Japanese animals.

    You can visit the Aye-Aye area which has a rare monkey that can only be seen in the Ueno National Park!

    The kids farm

    Just like in many other zoos, there is a place in the park where children can touch and play with some animals. They are mostly farm animals.

    Ueno Zoo Access
    Ueno Zoo Website


    By the way, there are many cherry blossom trees around the area, which gives the park a certain charm. When the spring season is coming, a lot of people come to the park for Hanami which is one of our cultural events where people enjoy watching the cherry blossoms while drinking and eating!

    Gift ideas

    You can find many kinds of cute gift inside the park, but not only there, because there are plenty of shops around the Ueno station!

    You can also find the famous market called ‘Ame Mura Yokochou’. It is an old style Japanese shopping street with many cheap clothes and lots of delicious food! And the shops’ staff are always very kind and passionate!

    At the end of the year, many people go to that market because of the law prices and, moreover, many people want to get special foods and items for the New Year’s.

    You can actually walk around Ueno area all day long!

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