Try Out the Fluffiest Pancakes in Japan at Micasadeco & Cafe

  • Micasadeco & Cafe is a speciality pancake shop with locations in both Tokyo (東京) and Osaka (大阪). The unique interior decor of the shops provides the perfect relaxed environment whether you want to stay in and chat with friends and family, study or work. Pair this with the most delicious, fluffy ricotta cheese pancakes you will ever taste and you’ve got yourself an unmissable cafe experience!

    About Micasadeco & Cafe

    The owner of Micasadeco & Cafe designed this space based on his experiences in various locations around America, South East Asia and Europe. The unique combination of decor from around the globe results in a diverse theme that is hard to pin down but it still manages to provide an environment that is extremely relaxing.

    The exposed concrete walls are painted a turquoise color reminiscent of the Mediterranean, while the colorful cushions and hanging lamps have been brought over from Bali. Many of the dishes, including the silver and wooden plates, were collected in Thailand.

    The Fluffiest White Pancakes in Japan

    The extremely fluffy, ricotta cheese pancakes that bring everyone rushing to Micasadeco & Cafe are carefully prepared made over a span of 20 minutes. The owner wanted to provide a “kawaii” (cute) white pancake that is unlike any other. Many hours were spent with the chef researching how to create a pure white pancake without leaving any of the batter raw. The right balance of ricotta cheese, meringue, maple syrup and whipped cream was pursued until they reached perfection, resulting in the angelic 3cm-thick pancakes they serve up today.

    Pancake Menu

    Some of the menu items are only available at either the Tokyo or Osaka branch, so be careful when you are planning your visit! Here are some of the highlights from the pancake menu:

    • Plain Pancake
    • Ricotta Cheese Pancake
    • Granola Pancake (served with fruit)
    • Apple Compote Pancake
    • Pancake with Coconut Custard
    • Mochi Pancake with Matcha Crumble (only available at the Tokyo location)
    • Kinako Walnut Pancake (only available at the Tokyo location)
    Breakfast Menu

    On top of the staple pancake menu, there is a variety of weekday breakfast and weekend brunch menus. Available breakfasts include:

    • Petit Pancake & Sausage Set
    • Croque Madame (Ham, Egg, Cheese)
    • Half & Half Toast
    • Granola & Plain Yogurt
    • Weekend Brunch
    • Pancake Brunch Set (Only at Osaka location)
    • Granola Yogurt Set (Only at Osaka location)
    • Croque Monsieur Set
    • Sausage Set (Only at Tokyo location)
    • Omelette Set (Only at Tokyo location)
    • Smoked Salmon Set (Only at Tokyo location)
    Lunch Menu

    The cafe also serves up lunches to give you a savory kick before moving onto the sweet pancake menu. Lunch options include:

    • Pancake Set – Pancake with smoked ham and sautéed mushrooms. Comes with a drink, salad, soup, and yogurt.
    • Sandwich Set – Salmon and apple sandwich with cream cheese and nuts. Served with a drink, salad, grilled potatoes, soup, and yogurt.
    • Pasta Set (Only at Osaka location) – Black olive and salsiccia peperoncino. Accompanied by a drink, salad, bread, and yogurt.
    • Micasadeco & Cafe Organic Rice Set (Only at Osaka location) – Khao man kai (chicken and rice) topped with cilantro and made from jasmine rice. Comes with a drink, salad, soup, and yogurt.
    • Organic Brown Omrice Set (Only at Tokyo location) – Omrice (ketchup flavored rice covered in omelette) that includes cooked and sweetly flavored pork. Served with a drink, salad, soup, and yogurt.
    • Organic Brown Rice Set with Coconut Curry (Only at Tokyo location) – Curry with brown rice and coconut curry made with shrimp paste and over 10 different spices. Served with a drink, salad, soup and yogurt.
    • Salad and Bread Set (Only at Tokyo location) – Healthy salad with quinoa, edamame, hummus, carrot and grated red cabbage. Served with a drink, bread, soup and yogurt.
    • Micasadeco Quiche Set (Only at Osaka location) – Micasadeco original quiche, filled with plenty of vegetables and other ingredients. Served with a drink, soup and yogurt.

    Micasadeco & Cafe is the perfect place to experience a taster of various countries from around the world both in terms of the food and the cafe’s environment and decor. If you are around either the Jingu (神宮) area in Tokyo or Saiwaicho (幸町) in Osaka and looking for a good breakfast or lunch, Micasadeco & Cafe may be the perfect place for you.

    Micasadeco & Cafe Website

    Micasadeco & Cafe Tokyo Branch Access
    Micasadeco & Cafe Osaka Branch Access

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