Learn the Art of Japanese Home Cooking by Taking Lessons from This Chef in Tokyo

  • Japanese dishes come in great variety and regional specialties. Preparing authentic Japanese meals require some skills and they are best prepared when one uses traditional recipes. This often requires the help of a person who truly knows how to uniquely craft the dishes the authentic Japanese way. An example of such person is the talented Ai Lisa Yokoyama who offers a personalized hands-on experience to small groups desiring to learn the art of cooking homemade Japanese dishes.

    Chef Ai Lisa Yokoyama

    Ai Lisa Yokoyama is a chef in Tokyo (東京) who offers cooking classes in her own studio called “Studio AI Tokyo Cooking Class.” She teaches cooking classes for Japanese and Taiwanese dishes. She makes it possible for students to learn these dishes by providing lessons in English. She promises her students a fun atmosphere where they can have a good cooking experience, good food, and an overall good time. Her classes are a chance for people to learn authentic Japanese home cooking using important Japanese ingredients.

    When Lisa’s not holding cooking lessons, she spends most of her time with her partner in his restaurant, Cucina alla Baba, or tutors children in her studio. Her cooking style was inspired by her mom who was a daughter of a ryokan (旅館) owner and the house’s master chef.

    Studio AI Tokyo Cooking Class

    The cooking classes offered by Lisa at the studio depends on individual preferences. Students have the option to choose which location they want. They can have it at home or in Lisa’s industrial-style kitchen in Roppongi (六本木), Tokyo.

    Just like other cooking classes, you also get the chance to go on a supermarket trip with Lisa where you’ll learn to buy the different ingredients that will be used in class. This is a great way to know the different prices of ingredients used in Japanese dishes.

    Lisa gives students an opportunity to make one main dish and two side dishes. You can choose the menu that you’d like to learn or the dietary requirements you’d like to follow. The class is very casual.

    If you have children, Lisa will also teach you how to make kid-friendly meals. An example of this is oyakodon (親子丼), a popular Japanese dish consisting of rice, chicken, and egg. Lisa suggests certain ingredients that will encourage children to eat vegetables.

    The final part of the class is, of course, eating time! This is probably the most enjoyable part as you get to taste the wonderful creative dishes you made with Lisa. And the most rewarding part? When you get home, try these dishes by yourself, and your family and friends actually love it!

    If you’d like to learn how to cook homemade Japanese dishes, look nowhere else than Studio AI Tokyo Cooking Class. Do remember that Lisa accommodates classes of only 2 to 6 people at a time. The cost is 7,000 yen per person (exclusive of tax), which includes a bag of goodies and take-home recipes. Get a newly acquired expertise in making great dishes which are sure to please the crowd with the help of Chef Lisa!

    To make reservations, call 090-2923-3550 or send an email to studioaitokyo@gmail.com. You may also check out YouTube channel.

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