Make Your Own Little Bonsai Tree At This Shop in Miyagi Prefecture!

  • There has been a recent trend on social media for succulents and cute potted plants; they seem to be all over social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr. This miniature potted plant trend has merged with the traditional Japanese bonsai (盆栽) to create easy-to-make and cute miniature bonsai trees!

    The Shop

    1000’s BASE (センズベース), pronounced “sens base” in Japanese, is located in Sendai City (仙台市) in Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県). It is a rare shop that specializes in succulents and small bonsai. The owner, Sen (literally “thousand” in Japanese), decided to create a place to share her skills and knowledge on living with plants as she was questioning how plants had become part of the cycle of consumerism.

    She aims to propose a way to take care of plants that the busy modern person can still enjoy and afford. Apart from selling rare types of succulents and bonsai trees, 1000’s BASE also holds mostly workshops and seminars related to creating and caring for these plants. People from near and far visit this specialty store in order to learn to take care of their succulents and bonsai. They serve as a perfect first step for anyone interested in looking into the world of bonsai.

    Make Your Own Mini Bonsai

    The most popular out 1000’s BASE’s workshops and seminars is the one where the participants get to make their own miniature bonsai. Regular bonsai range from 10 centimeters to over 40 centimeters in height! The super miniature bonsai that you get to make in these workshops are approximately three centimeters tall. They are so small that they can easily rest in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry home and place wherever you want.

    The workshop is approximately 20 minutes long and you can join alone or with your friends and family. You begin by choosing your bonsai tree from the array of trees available outside. Apparently, the Japanese maple trees are strong against the cold and diseases and are highly recommended for beginners.

    Next, you choose a pot for your little tree. After that is done, you decide the “front” and the “back” of the bonsai with the “front” being the side that expresses the beauty of the bonsai the most. After securing the bonsai in place, you place dirt and moss on top to prevent the evaporation of the water. At the end of the workshop, you are also taught how to care for your new miniature bonsai so you don’t go home not knowing how to care for your mini tree. If done well, apparently these super miniature bonsai last for over ten years!

    Apart from the bonsai workshop, 1000’s BASE offers succulent-related workshops as well, so be sure to check out their website to see what kind of workshops and seminars are being offered!

    If you are looking for a plant companion that is easy to take care of to place in your home, workspace, or study space, I highly recommend dropping by 1000’s BASE! Even if you don’t have the time to participate in one of the workshops or seminars, you are sure to find the perfect succulent or bonsai for you!

    1000’s BASE website *Japanese only

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