Taste Some of the Best Custard Puddings at This Specialty Store in Tokyo

  • Have you ever wondered what custard pudding might taste like if a chef well-versed in French cuisine took a shot at it? At Purin-ya BATON (ぷりん屋BATON), you can taste this mousse-like angelic dessert, perfected by a French chef.

    Purin-ya BATON

    Located in Okachimachi (御徒町) in Tokyo (東京), Purin-ya BATON is a specialty store that sells various kinds of custard puddings. It is a 5-minute walk from Shin-Okachimachi Station (新御徒町). This shop opened in 2014 and its popularity has been an upward spiral ever since. The owner was a hotel chef that studied French cuisine and their puddings are made from specially chosen high-grade eggs and vanilla beans.


    Their staple menu item is the Mikoto Pudding (命ぷりん) made simply from the sweetest egg, Keijyu eggs (恵寿卵) from Chiba Prefecture (千葉県), and raw cream from Hokkaido (北海道), famous for its dairy products.

    Their Pearl Egg Pudding (真珠卵ぷりん), made from eggs of birds that are fed on rice, is also popular for its extremely thick and smooth texture.

    All of Purin-ya BATON’s puddings are made without any preservatives or artificial coloring. According to the chef, he spends his time carefully making them. As he takes the pudding out of the oven, he chills them to harden and some of the items take over a few days to make. Due to the lack of preservatives, it is recommended that these desserts are eaten quickly as they do not last long (they last for about a week when refrigerated).

    They offer various other flavors of pudding such as sesame, matcha (抹茶), rum raisin, milk, café au lait, and mixed berry. There is approximately a line-up of 14 or 15 flavors at all times. Seasonal flavors, such as strawberry pudding in the spring and pumpkin pudding in the fall, may also be available.

    Another aspect of the puddings from Purin-ya BATON that make them attractive and perfect as gifts is their adorable yet elegant origami (折り紙) wrapping. Each flavor comes with a different kind of wrapping on top making them aesthetically pleasing.

    Egg Tarts and Quiches

    Apart from the puddings, Purin-ya BATON offers egg tarts and quiches made from the same high-quality ingredients as the pudding. The egg tart is made from the “pearl eggs” mentioned earlier. The handmade caramel, crispy pie base matches the fluffy eggs perfectly. You can usually taste test the egg tarts and quiches in store so if you’re not sure about buying them, you can always try a bite, although you will probably end up walking out of the store with a few of them because of how delicious they are. These are also extremely popular and only available in store so if you have the chance to drop by, why not pick up one of these baked goods as well?

    If you are too far from Tokyo to stop by the store itself, you can also check out Purin-ya BATON’s online store (Japanese only) and have their delicious puddings delivered to you. But if you are in the area, make sure to pick up some of their yummy creations for yourself, or for your friends and family! They are sure to bring smiles to the faces of whoever tastes them.

    Purin-ya BATON Website

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