A Sweet Rice Bowl? Try This Unique Strawberry “Don” at a Cafe in Fukui, Japan!

  • Donburi (丼), or “don” for short, refers to a rice bowl with various kinds of toppings. Some examples of this are gyudon (牛丼; beef bowl), oyakodon (親子丼; chicken and egg bowl), and katsudon (カツ丼; pork cutlet bowl). But in Fukui Prefecture (福井県), there is a cafe that offers a sweet kind of don!

    Fukui Prefecture is known for their wide variety of rice bowls – from sauce cutlet dons (ソースかつ丼) to seafood dons (海鮮丼). In order to spread their “don” culture, the Prefecture as a whole is making an attempt to increase the variation of dons that they have. They came up with a sweet don that is made from fruits produced in the area.

    cafe coil

    cafe coil, located in Echizen City (越前市) in Fukui, is in a residential area. The cafe was named as such from the hopes that the cafe would serve as a place to “coil in” people around and create a friendly community. The female owner designed the interior to be very comfortable and relaxing through her wonderful taste in furniture and decor.

    cafe coil is also known for their decoration cakes made by the owner herself. You can have your own cake customized for you as long as you make a reservation three days in advance. All of the cakes from cafe coil are extremely adorable and highly recommended for any special occasion.

    If you are not in need of a full-size cake, they also have petit decoration cakes that are cupcake-sized. Each one is also hand-decorated by the owner upon receiving the order so it may take a while, but the adorable appearance combined with the delicious cake itself are totally worth the wait.

    Also, in addition to the delicious desserts, cafe coil offers a wide range of drinks, including coffee made from coffee beans from a famous brewery in Fukui. The slight bitterness of the coffee goes perfectly with any dessert, so getting one with your order is highly recommended.

    Strawberry Don (いちご丼)

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    As a part of the Fukui Prefecture project, cafe coil thought of a cute don that incorporates everyone’s favorite fruit, strawberries, and adorable decorations. Instead of the usual rice in a donburi, this strawberry don uses a rice powder-based sponge cake. From the bottom, the don is made up of fruit granola, the rice powder-based sponge cake, banana, strawberry puree jelly, strawberry flavored whipped cream, and finally, the local strawberries. This new kind of donburi completely goes against the traditional idea of what a donburi is. It’s a dessert in the form of a donburi!

    If you plan on visiting cafe coil, please note that the strawberry don is only available from December to May, which is when strawberries are in season.

    Kids’ Space

    One other extremely unique thing to note about cafe coil is that while the right side of the entrance is the cafe, the left side is actually a kids’ space that you can use for free on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 4 PM. This is great for busy moms who want to take a break but still need to keep an eye on their kids – a mother-friendly environment thanks to the thoughtfulness of the female owner.

    If you are looking for a place to have tea or buy a birthday cake for a family member or friend, cafe coil may be the place for you! Even if you are a busy mom, you can still enjoy cafe coil’s delicious strawberry don. Make sure to visit before the end of May to try out this unique kind of donburi!

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