Enjoy a Hot Spring Bath While Cherry Blossom Viewing at This Event in Odaiba!

  • If hanami (花見) or cherry blossom viewing seems like the perfect setup for your ideal romantic escapade, think of how much more romantic it would be if you spend it while bathing in a hot spring.

    Yes, you read that right.

    Tokyo’s (東京) popular hot spring spot in Odaiba (お台場), Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari (大江戸温泉物語), recently launched an event entitled, “Yozakura Fantasy Ooedo-Onsen Feast of Flowers (夜桜 Fantasy 大江戸温泉 花の宴).” It centralizes on the idea of combining the relaxing and therapeutic appeal of onsen bathing with the sheer beauty of watching cherry blossoms in their full bloom.

    In collaboration with NAKED Inc. (株式会社ネイキッド), Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari brings a unique experience to their guests by creating the next best alternative to the typical hanami picnics done along parks and other designated areas around Japan.

    The Technology-Based Twist

    Instead of real cherry blossom trees, NAKED Inc. has designed a system using projection mapping that makes it possible to reflect close-to-the-real-thing sakura (桜) petals right on the hot spring waters. This allows guests to enjoy the magical view while they are bathing or soaking their feet in the hot spring.

    They also designed a traditional bridge which is a popular spot for viewing cherry blossoms in parks and public areas. With this, guests can enjoy a casual stroll around while enjoying the captivating sakura lights reflected on the waters without having to dip in themselves.

    If you get hungry, there are also food stalls around the area to make sure you don’t starve.

    The Romantic and Social Appeal

    This magnificent display doesn’t end without an added touch of music to accompany your hanami experience. With soft background music playing as the stunning petal projections appear on the water, you’ll get the best romantic feel with your special someone.

    Moreover, given the wide interest of guests to share their travel escapades online, the company has designed a way to display all random Tweets on the water’s surface using the hashtag “#ツイート流し (#Tweetnagashi).”

    So whether you’re enjoying a solo night out or spending it with the love of your life, this Yozakura Fantasy event will surely be worth a try. Be reminded, though, that this is a limited event happening from March 25 until April 30, 2017 only. Access to the facility is from 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM.

    For more details, feel free to visit the event page here (Japanese only).

    Other Things to Enjoy at Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari

    Being a natural onsen theme park near the Tokyo Bay (東京湾) area, this place has enough treats to spoil you, with over 13 bath varieties ranging from indoor baths to natural hot springs. Sauna, rotenburo (露天風呂; open-air bath), and day-trip bathing services are also available.

    Guests who come with their spouses and kids will have excellent bonding moments while strolling around the Hirokoji (広小路) and Happakuyacho (八百八町) shopping arcades. To make your experience feel even more authentic, Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari allows usage of yukata robes for FREE!

    It’s not yet too late to catch up with the hanami hype! And if you want to experience something new away from the usual crowd you see in parks during a designated cherry blossom viewing event, then securing a spot at Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari’s Yozakura Fantasy is a satisfying alternative!

    Get more information on activity highlights, prices and booking here!

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