Love Green Tea? Don’t Miss Mister Donut’s Limited Matcha Menu in Japan!

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  • Japan is a place where genuine matcha (抹茶) or green tea should not be missed. It is not only used in tea ceremonies but is also a great ingredient for making several dishes.

    Recently, Mister Donut (ミスタードーナツ) Japan teamed up with Gion Tsujiri (祇園辻利), a well-known tea manufacturer in Kyoto (京都), to serve matcha goodies for a limited time. Together, they have released six green-tea inspired doughnuts plus two ice-cold matcha beverages (Japanese only) for customers to try. This line-up is going to be available in Mister Donut chains across the country until mid-May 2017 and only a limited number will be sold.

    Japan and Doughnuts

    Doughnuts are now a popular form of breakfast in Japan. Thanks to Mister Donut, people can now have a faster way of having breakfast. Mister Donut is the first major doughnut shop that came to Japan in 1971. They started selling the same doughnuts sold in the USA but later on personalized the goods for their Japanese consumers. Now, you can find several limited Mister Donut treats depending on the season.

    During the spring season, Mister Donut sells several matcha doughnuts which offer different tastes. No wonder the franchise continuously attracts crowds of doughnut lovers and has become a popular date spot for some couples. They have an extensive doughnut selection and prices are inexpensive, which gives customers a chance to affordably enjoy a variety of doughnuts – from classics to cream-filled and even unique ones.

    The Limited-Edition Matcha Doughnuts and Drinks

    The limited-edition doughnuts come in six varieties and are totally different from Mister Donut’s 2016 matcha menu.

    1. Warabi Mochi Matcha (わらびもち抹茶) – 183 yen

    The first doughnut features a mixture of green tea, whipped soy milk, and brown sugar incorporated into the dough. It also contains bite-sized pieces of warabi mochi, a jellylike confection made from bracken starch.

    2. Shiratama Matcha (白玉抹茶) – 183 yen

    This doughnut is sprinkled with roasted soybean flour and brown sugar, and contains a mixture of whipped green tea and shiratama, a glutinous type of mochi.

    3. Azuki Matcha Whip (あずき抹茶ホイップ) – 162 yen

    This doughnut features a combination of whipped green tea and red bean paste from Hokkaido (北海道). This is an airy doughnut dusted with roasted soybean sugar.

    4. Matcha Soy Milk Whip (抹茶豆乳ホイップ) – 162 yen

    This doughnut has a smoother whipped cream filling. It is topped with icing sugar and some green tea chocolate icing.

    5. Premium Matcha Fashion (プレミアム抹茶ファッション) – 140 yen

    If you prefer Mister Donut’s classic doughnut glazed with matcha chocolate, then try this one.

    6. Pon de Premium Matcha (ポン・デ・プレミアム抹茶) – 140 yen

    This one is a twist on Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring (ポン・デ・リング), a doughnut with an amazing “mochi mochi” texture. The special matcha version is generously coated with bittersweet green tea chocolate.

    Matcha Drinks

    To complete the menu, Mister Donuts also released two matcha beverages: Matcha au Lait (抹茶オレ) and Matcha au Lait Soy Milk Whip (抹茶オレ 豆乳ホイップ). The Matcha au Lait is a mixture of green tea and milk, while the Matcha au Lait Soy Milk Whip is premium green tea topped with whipped soybean milk.

    Head now to any Mister Donut in Japan to satiate your matcha cravings. These limited treats are going to be available only until mid-May 2017 and might sell out soon, so hurry! Eating and drinking matcha are great ways to enjoy the remaining spring season in the country.

    Mister Donut Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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