This Japanese Store Delivers Tiramisu that Melts in Your Mouth to Your Door!

  • Have you ever had a tiramisu that literally melts upon contact with your tongue? If you are a sucker for sweet things like I am, I highly recommend trying the tiramisu from Aquila!

    Aquila Store

    Aquila is a tiramisu speciality store located in Urawa (浦和) in Saitama (埼玉). The owner is a former Italian chef who has helped to create the shop’s incredible tiramisu which is becoming famous for its silky texture and its exquisite sweetness.

    Tiramisu is the staple dessert in Italian cuisine so where better to get this dessert than from an Italian chef? The owner’s goal is to create an authentic Italian tiramisu that is served in a cup so it can be delivered to as many people as possible.

    One of the unique things about the tiramisu from Aquila is the type of cake base that is used. Have you ever had a tiramisu where the sponge cake sucked up too much of the espresso and got all soggy? This is one of the owner’s pet hates with tiramisu so he decided to create a new kind of cake base that would prevent this from happening. He has succeeded in creating a tiramisu where the cake never gets soggy but you can still enjoy the espresso flavor and the softness and moistness of the cake.

    Aquila’s Matcha Tiramisu

    The most popular item from Aquila is their matcha tiramisu. It would be right to say that this matcha tiramisu is what made Aquila its good name. The matcha tiramisu is a perfect blend of Japanese and Western flavors. It is made from the highest quality matcha from Uji, Kyoto (京都府宇治市). The matcha is blended with a thick mascarpone cheese, creating a new blend of flavors that you can only taste at Aquila.

    The tiramisu is topped with azuki beans that look like little black gems and sprinkled with gold leaf. The matcha tiramisu comes in chic black containers that make them perfect for souvenirs. There is no doubt that whoever receives these as a gift won’t be disappointed, especially if they are fans of matcha or tiramisu. The matcha tiramisu is extremely rich in flavor, making it the perfect accompaniment for coffee and tea.

    Other Flavors of Tiramisu

    There are, of course, other delicious variations on the traditional tiramisu available from Aquila.

    Original Silky Tiramisu
    The original silky tiramisu is the epitome of a melt-in-your-mouth tiramisu with its silky texture and exquisite sweetness.

    Strawberry Silky Tiramisu
    The strawberry silky tiramisu combines the sweet and tangy taste of strawberries with a thick mascarpone cheese, creating an addictive combination of taste and texture.

    Mango Silky Tiramisu
    The mango silky tiramisu features sweet, ripe mangoes, which prove to pair up perfectly with rich mascarpone cheese.

    Earl Grey Silky Tiramisu
    The earl grey silky tiramisu is made up of fragrant earl grey tea as well as sweet and fresh pieces of apples.

    In order to offer his heavenly tiramisu to people who are not able to drop by the store, the owner has set up an online ordering service so you can have a delicious tiramisu delivered straight to your door. If you are planning to visit the store, be sure to get there early in order to make sure that the tiramisu you want does not sell out.

    If you love desserts or know someone who does, make sure to either check out the Aquila shop in Urawa or order from their online shop. You will most definitely not be disappointed!

    Aquila Website

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