Gyudon, the king of Japanese fast food

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    These fast food restaurants don’t serve foods like hamburgers, french fries, or sodas. These restaurants serve beef bowls, which are known as “Gyudon” in Japanese. It is a bowl of rice topped with beef and onions, which are simmered in a mildly sweet sauce, soy sauce and mirin. Sometimes, Japanese people love to add raw egg in it too.
    Their motto is to serve such this tasty dish quick and at low price. You can easily find these kinds of restaurants in all areas of Japan. There are three most well known “Gyudon” restaurants in Japan.


    Suki-ya has 1856 restaurants throughout all of Japan. They do not only serve “Gyudon” or beef bowl, but also other foods such as “donburi”, and curry with rice.
    This restaurant’s slogan is “save time and money”. The original point of this restaurant is that the beef they use is imported from Australia.


    The next one is “Yoshino-ya”. You can also find it easily in all prefectures in Japan. The difference between this restaurant and “Suki-ya” is the beef is not imported from Australia, they use American imported beef for their “Gyudon”.


    The last famous chain is “Matsu-ya”. This restaurant is my favourite out of all these, but it is a little bit more difficult to find these restaurants. It is because there are not as many of them as there are “Suki-ya” and “Yoshino-ya” restaurants. My favorite dish in these restaurants is the grilled pork with sesame sauce and some onion on top of the rice. The price is also very wallet-friendly, you can eat it for just around 500 yen, and of course you will get some miso soup with it, too.