Are You a Talented Chef? Represent Japan and Join This Global Chef Competition!

  • S.Pellegrino Young Chef is an anticipated global competition that recognizes rising culinary talent from across the globe. Every year, it announces a winner among a group of talented chefs who take part in its extraordinary event. Currently, Japan is searching for its representative who will join the international competition in Milan in June 2018. All applicants will be judged by experts from the International School of Italian Cuisine before heading to the final cook-off.

    Becoming a Chef in Japan

    Studying to be a chef in Japan should not be taken lightly. The unique food culture in the country makes the Japanese cuisine distinct and detailed. Several ingredients have received widespread appreciation which makes everyone familiar with the elements of Japanese cooking. If you’re daring enough to venture a culinary school in Japan, then go for it!

    Some of the popular cooking schools in Japan are Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, a school that trains its chefs in classic and traditional French cuisine, and Hattori Nutrition College (服部栄養専門学校), a school very famous for its participation in Iron Chef programs.

    If you’d like to learn traditional Japanese food techniques, it is best to learn from genuine chef masters. Training for a short period of time is also considered an essential culinary immersion.

    S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018

    There are many kitchen battles and competitions around the world. One of the renowned ones is S.Pellegrino Young Chef which calls out young chefs who have developed their talents under the mentorship of a top chef to join. The 2016 competition attracted over 3,000 professional chef applicants from around the world with only one winner bagging the title.

    As of right now, S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 is accepting applications until April 30, 2017. Interested chefs should submit their profile and an original recipe. Applicants should also be less than 30 years of age and residing in the following regions:

    • USA
    • Canada
    • France
    • East Europe
    • Italy
    • Switzerland
    • Japan
    • Germany-Austria
    • China
    • South America
    • Northeast Asia
    • Southeast Asia
    • Mediterranean countries
    • Benelux
    • Scandinavia
    • Spain-Portugal
    • UK-Ireland
    • Russia/Baltics/CIS
    • Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands
    • Central America-Carribean
    • Africa-Middle East

    In the case of Japan, a jury will decide regarding the Japanese representative for the competition. The jury includes Luca Fantin, Yoshiaki Takazawa (高澤義明), Thomas Angerer, and Zaiyu Hasegawa (長谷川在佑). A total of 10 finalists will be selected per region by the end of May 2017. The regional finalist will be chosen between June and December 2017 and will immediately receive mentoring from Luca Fantin who is a top chef. He will provide guidance throughout the finalist’s exceptional journey, in preparation for the final cook-off in Milan in 2018. The final winner will be selected by the international Seven Sages panel of judges.

    Food brings people closer together and this competition serves the same purpose. This event is something that will push more young chefs in Japan to bring out their talents and apply.

    If you’re one of the aspiring chefs located in Japan or in any of the 21 regions mentioned above and has the qualifications, this is now your chance to give yourself an unforgettable experience that will truly have an impact in your life. Apply now via this page!

    S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 Website

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