Savor Various Delicious Cheese Dishes at the Cheese Cafe in Yokohama

  • Have you ever dreamt of a meal filled with cheese? I most definitely have and there is an extremely popular restaurant in Yokohama (横浜) where you can fulfill this very dream!

    Cheese Cafe (チーズカフェ)

    Cheese Cafe in Yokohama is a cheese specialty restaurant that specializes in dishes made from various kinds of cheeses. The cheese dishes go perfectly with the steaks and wines offered in the restaurant.

    Cheese Cafe is located five minutes away from the West Exit of Yokohama Station. When you walk in, you are met by an open kitchen space with a pizza oven. Each seat has a white table cloth paper and colored pencils. The hall staff draw on the white paper with the colored pencils to introduce themselves or explain the menu. If you love drawing like I do, you can also use the white paper to draw on while you wait for your food. This extremely relaxing and chill environment allows the guests to feel at home.

    Parmigiano Reggiano Pasta

    An extremely popular item on their menu is the Parmigiano Reggiano pasta. People have fallen in love with this rich and creamy cheese covered pasta, filling the restaurant’s books with reservations.

    The famous Parmigiano Reggiano pasta is finished right in front of you. Once the pasta is cooked with four types of cheeses such as gorgonzola and mozzarella, it is thrown into a wheel of parmesan where the hot pasta melts the parmesan around it, completing the dish. The cheese covered pasta is moved onto a hot plate, allowing for the fragrance of the various cheeses to combine even further, making for a dish that you cannot taste anywhere else.

    Charcoal Cheese Fondue

    Another extremely popular dish at Cheese Cafe is their charcoal cheese fondue. Five types of cheese are slowly melted over a charcoal grill, creating a flavorful and hot fondue base that goes perfectly with focaccia bread and vegetables. These fondues come in various sizes so it might be nice to grab a large size for the entire table so everyone can get their own dish and still try out the absolutely delicious fondue.

    Pizzas and Steaks

    Another menu that we cannot forget when it comes to cheese-related dishes is pizza! Cheese Cafe’s Genovese mozzarella prosciutto pizza is one of their best-selling pizzas, which features the delicious combination of basil and mozzarella.

    Along with the pizza menus, their various steaks are also highly recommended. Cheese Cafe’s steaks are unlike any normal steak as they come with potato wedges and a cheese fondue as well. What more could you want than to dip juicy pieces of steak in melted cheese? The wonderful combination of meat and cheese alone is enough for you to want to come back for more.


    What else goes perfectly with cheese? Wine, of course! There is an extensive variation of wines available at Cheese Cafe, from the rare labels that you may have never heard of before to the bottles with very particular and exquisite flavors. If you have no idea which wine you might want that night, you can always ask the friendly hall staff who can point you in the right direction.

    As Cheese Cafe is extremely popular, it is recommended that you make a reservation beforehand via this page (Japanese only) so you don’t have to line up before the opening of the restaurant to grab a seat.

    If you want to try cheese dishes like nowhere else, make sure to visit Cheese Cafe in Yokohama! And go on an empty stomach as each dish here is huge and worth every penny.

    Cheese Cafe Website

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