Oden, the best Japanese winter dish!

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  • Winter in Japan is a very beautiful season. The white color of the snow that covers the city is beautiful, and not to forget, the weather during that time is really cold. During this season, it is best to eat something hot or warm that can make you feel better in this cold. There is a very popular winter dish in Japan. It is called “Oden”.


    There are several ingredients such as boiled eggs, “Chikuwa”, which is a fish paste shaped in a piece of bamboo, “Naruto”, which is wheat flour paste that’s been formed into a tube, daikon (radish), and etc. For the soup, they use soy-flavored dashi broth. Among the other popular “Oden” ingredients there are also beef tendons, jelly-like “Konnyaku”, carrots, mushrooms, Japanese squash, cabbage rolls, octopuses, and some tofu products.


    You can find “Oden” at every winter festival, and you can also buy it at the convenience stores during winter season in Japan. This dish is my favorite Japanese winter dish. If you feel cold, it’s best to eat “Oden”.


    If you want to make it by yourself at home and eat it together with your family, you can buy the “Oden Set” from many stores in Japan during winter. Don’t forget to buy the dashi broth too, and after you have it, all you must do is to boil water, add the dashi broth, and put the “Oden Set” inside it, and then it’s done! You also can add some boiled eggs, beef tendons, and anything you would like to eat with it.