100 Things to Do in Ginza, the Most Glamorous and Stylish District in Tokyo, in 2019!

  • Located in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward, Ginza is one of the city’s most famous upmarket shopping and entertainment districts. Within its boundary are many department stores, high-end boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, clubs – anything you could possibly want!

    On weekend afternoons from 12:00pm to 5:00pm (until 6:00pm from April to September), Ginza’s main shopping street, the Chuo-dori, is closed to traffic to make way for the “pedestrian paradise”.

    Home to the world’s largest UNIQLO, the Kabukiza Theatre, and a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, Ginza has even more to offer. Here are 100 things to do in the glitzy district of Ginza!

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    1. Try a Japanese Tea Ceremony

    traditional beauty of tea ceremony Japan

    While in Ginza, you can take up the opportunity to experience a real Japanese tea ceremony, where you can learn all about this art and even make your own matcha! This affordable and enjoyable experience is not to be missed by Japanese culture fans.

    Booking details: Enjoy an Elegant Tea Ceremony Experience in Ginza, Tokyo

    2. Enjoy Japanese Izakaya dishes with Local People


    Izakaya, or Japanese pubs, are widely spread across Ginza. If you have always been hesitant to try eating at one because you’re intimated by the menu and know zero Japanese, there’s no need to worry as you will be guided by a local. You’ll be able to meet new friends, try new food, and know how to order at an izakaya with this tour!

    Booking details: Enjoy Japanese Dishes with Locals at an Izakaya in Tokyo!

    3. Step into the World of Alice in Wonderland

    Japan is known for its many themed cafes and restaurants. Feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland by visiting the restaurant called “Alice in a Labyrinth (迷宮の国のアリス)” in Ginza, where you can enjoy food and drinks based on Alice’s world. This activity is especially recommended for those with children, though adult Disney fans are welcome too!

    Booking details: Reservation for Alice’s Cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

    4. Get Your Hair Cut by a Star Stylist


    The Japanese sport some great hairstyles, from classy bobs to pink locks in pigtails. What better way to fit in than getting yourself a haircut from a Japanese hairdresser?

    Unless your Japanese skills are top notch, walking into any old hairdresser’s could leave you with devastating results. Chiaki Horikawa’s salon is a rare find in Japan with professional stylists and bilingual staff. Whether you just want your hair cut or styled, or you want to branch out and get a color or perm, you’re in safe hands with Horikawa.

    Booking details: Star Style Hair Design in Ginza

    5. Join a Nighttime Walking Food Tour


    Better prepare your comfy shoes and big appetite as you’ll need it! Go on a Tokyo walking food tour at night to explore the city’s flavors. The tour will start in Yurakucho and continue in Ginza before it ends in Shimbashi. You can cover a good portion of the city’s yummy eateries this way.

    Booking details: Tokyo Walking Food Tour at Night

    6. Try the Japanese Entertainment “Pachinko”


    Although gambling is, interestingly, illegal in Japan, the classic game of Pachinko is still a popular pastime for adults. Why not try out one of Ginza’s glamorous pachinko parlors and find out why it’s so popular? This tour takes you to a recommended location and teaches you how to play!

    Booking details: Try the Japanese entertainment “Pachinko” in Tokyo!

    7. Wear a Kimono and Get Your Photo Taken


    Ginza also offers the fantastic experience of wearing a kimono. You will be taught how to wear one properly, and have your picture taken wearing this traditional Japanese garment.

    Booking details: Learn how to wear kimono and get photographed in Ginza!

    8. Learn Healthy Cooking from a Japanese Mother


    Are you curious about real Japanese home cooking but not sure where to start? Very close to Ginza, you can see how a Japanese housewife cooks delicious and healthy “washoku”, or homemade Japanese food, and even have a go at making it yourself!

    Booking details: Learn healthy cooking from a Japanese mother near Ginza

    9. Visit the Vampire Cafe

    If themed cafes are your thing, you can’t miss the Vampire Cafe in Ginza! With spooky decor, unique food and different types of themed rooms, this is a must-see if you enjoy gothic and Halloween-esque culture!

    Booking details: Reservation for the Vampire Castle in Ginza

    10. Try Japanese Tea and Calligraphy


    You can also learn the art of “shodo”, or Japanese calligraphy while tasting delicious Japanese matcha! This tour offers a calligraphy lesson, a souvenir of your work, a small tea ceremony and trying Japanese “wagashi”, or traditional confectionary. Book this tour for these great things all wrapped up in one day!

    Booking details: Discover Japan’s traditional tea and calligraphy in Ginza

    11. Learn How to Make Sushi From a Professional Chef


    If you’re interested in how the Japanese prepare their sushi, there is a class in Ginza where you can learn how to properly season rice, cut fish slices at the appropriate size and shape, and use nori seaweed to create the perfect sushi. This event is family-friendly, so feel free to bring your children along so they can learn how this delicious Japanese dish is made!

    Booking details: Learn How to Make Sushi From a Professional Chef

    12. Take a Guided Tour of Ginza

    To explore Ginza with complete peace of mind, consider taking a guided tour of the area with a guide. They can show you the best spots such as shops and art galleries, saving you time that you might spend looking at maps.

    Booking details: Guided Tour of Ginza

    13. Chat over Coffee with a Japanese Businesswoman


    When you visit a new country, it’s great when you have a chance to meet local people. Why not chat with a Japanese local and get a feel for the country from a native’s perspective?

    Booking details: Chat over Coffee with a Japanese Businesswoman

    14. Find Your Favorite Art Gallery in Ginza


    There are a lot of art galleries in Ginza, and this tour introduces you to a number of them in a short time, helping you to decide which one you like best. Save time and have a culture-filled day with a local who really knows what they’re doing.

    Booking details: Find your Favorite Art Gallery in Ginza

    15. Enjoy Japanese Sake and Food Culture


    There is a hidden sake bar in Ginza greatly enjoyed by locals. In this tour, you will meet a local in Ginza (or they can pick you up at your hotel) and you can visit the bar to try over 140 kinds of sake at the guide’s recommendation! If you’re interested in Japanese sake, definitely try this out and take the chance to meet local sake lovers.

    Booking details: Enjoy Japanese sake and food culture in Ginza, Tokyo

    16. Get a Special Spa Treatment


    If you’re in need of some serious rejuvenation, consider getting a special spa treatment in Ginza, including a facial, skin diagnosis and a delicious lunch included! You’ll also get some product recommendations for your skin type and professional advice.

    Booking details: Get a facial massage and skin diagnosis in Ginza, Tokyo

    17. Join a Unique Ginza Architecture Tour


    A must-see for those interested in architecture is the historical sites located in Ginza. Let a guide show you the history of the demolition and rebuilding of different areas and a display of historical and modern works in this beautiful area.

    If you’d like to expand your tour beyond Ginza, consider taking the tour of Tokyo’s modern and traditional architecture highlights to see the best of the whole city.

    Booking details: Join a Unique Ginza Architecture Tour

    18. Experience Kabuki, Japanese Traditional Theater


    With this tour, you can see the best spots in the Ginza area and see a kabuki act. An English translating device is included so you can understand the story. If you’re interested in experiencing Kabuki like a native, consider booking this tour!

    Booking details: Enjoy Kabuki and Japanese Traditional Culture in Ginza

    19. Experience “Ikebana”, a Flower Arrangement Class


    Ginza is just bursting with cultural experiences, and this is no different. Ikebana, or flower arrangement, is a long-standing tradition that is said to help people heal mentally and help them find their inner peace. Try “ikebana” in Ginza!

    Booking details: Experience Ikebana, a Flower Arrangement Class!

    20. Enjoy Drinks at the Historic Bar Lupin

    #太宰治 #銀座ルパン #バー #老舗バー #街角k

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    For a break from sightseeing and a little look into the history of Japan’s creative men and women, you should take a break at Bar Lupin, a cafe and bar in the heart of Ginza.

    This cafe has been a Ginza establishment since 1928 and has been known for attracting many of the artists of Tokyo. Nowadays you can go in for a daytime coffee or a nighttime drink, and enjoy the 1920’s interiors and conversational atmosphere in this venue. The bar also hands out pamphlets in English detailing the history of the place!

    Website*Japanese Only

    21. Visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum

    For something a little bit different, you should make some time to visit the Police Museum. Situated in Ginza near to Kyobashi Station, the museum is great for people who have an interest in policing history or just like people in uniforms!

    This place is especially fun for families, as kids can dress in police uniforms and even board a helicopter! It has exhibits detailing the history of policing in Japan and is actually quite interesting with some great displays. The admission is free, so it’s also good for a cheap afternoon or a rainy day!


    22. Pick up Art Supplies at Gekkoso

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    If you’re someone who loves art accessories or want to pick up a souvenir for an artist back home, don’t miss this store! Gekkoso is a sweet little shop not only has art supplies, but also gallery space and a cafe in the basement where you can enjoy a coffee while writing or sketching.

    Gekkoso website *Japanese only

    23. Take a Break at Hamarikyu Gardens

    Formerly the Imperial Palace Gardens, this large garden is open to the public from 9:00am to 4:30pm and is a beautiful area featuring ponds, trees, flowers, and a charming mixture of the traditional and the modern. If you need a place to catch a break from the crowds or relax after shopping, be sure to give this lovely area a visit.

    Hamarikyu Gardens website

    24. Go Shopping on Chuo-Dori Street

    Ginza is one of the best places in Tokyo for shopping! If you’re in serious need of some retail therapy, Chuo-Dori Street is an excellent place to explore and shop at your favourite brands.


    25. Take a Detour and Visit Tsukiji

    Ginza is just a stone’s throw away from Tsukiji, which is home to the biggest fish market in the world. If you find yourself with some spare time and in the mood for beautifully fresh seafood, head down to Tsukiji and explore!

    30 Things to Do in Tsukiji, Home to the Biggest Fish Market in the World

    26. Explore Shiseido the Ginza

    Crazy about beauty products? Shiseido the Ginza has everything you need! This four-floor building sells all kinds of beauty products and cosmetics, and it even has a photo studio where you can get your hair done and a photo shoot! You can also have a personalised beauty session to help you find the perfect products to suit you. This would be the perfect treat for someone interested in fashion and beauty.

    Shiseido the Ginza website

    27. Shop for Toys at Hakuhinkan Toy Park

    เล่นด้วยกันเลยมั้ย ถ้าจะนานขนาดเน้ 🙄💕🇯🇵

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    This is a speciality store selling novelty items and children’s toys. It’s open all year round and it’s a great place to get souvenirs for children or perhaps find something to add to a collection of your own.

    Hakuhinkan Toy Park website

    28. Book a Reservation for a Splendid Dinner

    Lion Beer & Wine Grill is a great place to eat western food and relax with a beer after a long day. This restaurant offers delicious and high quality steak, their speciality, as well as a variety of drinks and party sets for larger groups. Reservation is required at this restaurant, so book your table and enjoy a lovely evening meal for the perfect end to your day out in Ginza!


    29. Don’t Miss Uniqlo

    Those in Ginza for the shopping can’t miss one of Tokyo’s best stores, Uniqlo, for affordable clothing and great fashion. It’s one of Japan’s favourite places to get shoes, winter clothing, blankets, special thermal wear, and summer clothes.

    Uniqlo website

    30. Visit the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art

    Ginza isn’t all shopping and eating! On the other side of the Imperial Palace to Ginza Station is the charming Museum of Modern Art, which usually showcases works from Japanese artists. Despite the name, “modern” actually refers to any art from the Meiji period (1868) or later. If you’re interested in Japanese art, definitely give this museum a look.

    National Museum of Modern Art website

    31. Have a Bath

    Have you heard of a Japanese sento, or public bath? Ginza has its own sento where you can relax and cleanse yourself from the fatigue of travel. It’s a good place to rejuvinate and take a rest during your busy day in Tokyo.

    Konparu-yu Sento website *Japanese only

    32. Get a Special Souvenir at Kabuki-za

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    Whether you decide to watch a Kabuki performance or not, it’s worth swinging by the Kabuki-za Theatre and grabbing a special phone strap souvenir called a “senjafuda.” In Ginza, you can get a personalised one where the staff will translate your name into Japanese kanji characters. These make a fun accessory that can spark some interesting conversations once you get home.


    33. Check Out Tasty Bread Treats at Kimuraya

    Got bunz since 1869. #chestnut #tokyo

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    Although bread and bakeries didn’t originate in Japan, the country has many popular eateries offering delicious bread-based dishes including the classic cakes and doughnuts and also original foods like curry-pan and melon-pan. Kimuraya is a great place to stock up on tasty treats from hot dogs and doughnuts to original “anpan” and more!

    Kimuraya Tabelog page

    34. Sing Karaoke

    Karaoke is a fun pastime in Japan and popular to do in an evening while drinking or in the daytime if plans were spoiled by the rain. You can rent a private room where you can eat, drink, dance, and sing your favourite song in many different languages. Karaoke establishments in Ginza include Pasela Ginza, Karaoke Ironman Ginza Store, and Cote d’Azur.

    35. Shop for Duty-Free Goods at Laox

    Laox is on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of EXITMELSA and has everything you need for shopping including fashion, jewellery, household goods, cosmetics, and Japan-made products. Everything at Laox is duty-free, which means that if you are a temporary visitor (staying for six months or less), if you take your passport with you and present it when you pay, you’ll get an 8% discount if you pay 5000 yen or more!

    Ginza Laox website

    36. Have a Posh Afternoon Tea

    If you’re feeling indulgent, the Bulgari jewellery brand offers a delicious afternoon tea at their Bulgari IL Bar. It’s a feast consisting of a sandwich, mini burger, a quiche, a tart, a cake, mousse, and more, as well as a choice of tea or coffee. For a luxurious tea in a classy bar, be sure to indulge in this treat.

    Bulgari IL Bar Afternoon Tea Box website

    37. Take the Pilgrimage of the Ten Shrines of Ginza

    Interested more in shrines rather than shopping? Taking the “Ginza Hatcho no Inari” pilgrimage will take you to ten different shrines in the area, each with their own charm and history. For detailed information on the route, click the website below.

    Ginza Hatcho no Inari website

    38. Browse Cakes and Sweets at Wako

    Another place for chocolate and dessert lovers, Wako is an adorable shop that has a collection of favourite sweets, cakes, and pretty desserts to choose from. There are seasonal flavours, boxes of chocolates to make a special gift, and impressive sweets sets. Explore Wako and discover your new favourite treat!

    Wako website

    39. Visit the Science Museum

    This child-friendly museum is packed with things to do for kids. Five floors of interactive exhibitions, a museum shop, and an on-site restaurant awaits those interested in the history and science behind bicycles, robots, digital manufacturing, cars, light and sound, and much more.

    Science Museum website

    40. Admire the Beauty of Ginza at Yon-Chome

    Ginza in Tokyo

    Something to rival New York’s Times Square, the gorgeous view on Yon-Chome of the mighty architectural achievements of Ginza is a great meeting spot and a place to take photographs. It’s beautiful both by day and night.


    41. See a Shrine on the 9th Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi

    Ginza Shusse Jizo is a shrine that’s unique because it was moved to the terrace garden on the 9th floor of a building! Because of its physical elevation, it is often visited by those hopeful to help their career advancement. This little-known shrine with its stone diety statue is a charming cultural addition to your trip. It may even help you get a promotion at work!


    42. Hunt for Your Favourite Brands

    Ginza is a hotspot for high-end brands so if you’re looking for products from Diesel, Chanel, and GAP, this district is the place to be! While you’re exploring department stores, keep an eye out for your favourite brands.

    43. Shop for Stationery

    G.ITOYA Stationery in Ginza offers a vast collection of stationery including pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, paper files, and much more. This small, charming shop always has pretty decorations hanging from the ceiling giving it a welcoming feeling. Buy some stationery for the writer or student in your life or find a cute treat for yourself!

    G.ITOYA Stationery website *Japanese only

    44. Visit the Shiodome Museum Rouault Gallery

    * 「生誕138年 エコール・ド・パリの貴公子 パスキン展」 狂乱の時代を生きた旅人の軌跡。 ジュール・パスキンは、エコール・ド・パリといわれる主に1920年代にパリに集った異邦人芸術家たちを代表する画家です。 レオナール・フジタなどを親友にもち、ピカソやシャガールらも活躍した第一次世界大戦後の「狂乱の時代」に、パリで高い評価を受けた、時代の寵児でした。 ただ、最期は自ら命を絶ってしまうのですが。 素描、“真珠母色”の油彩画など多彩な名品約120点、時代の雰囲気を感じました。 “東京アート旅”の最終日の今日、「西洋近代絵画」をテーマに美術展を回りました。 その他の美術展については、またポストします。 #パスキン #ジュールパスキン #パナソニック汐留ミュージアム #汐留 #美術館 #museum #展覧会 #exbition #日本の美術館ベスト250 #新幹線の車中にて

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    The former headquarters of Panasonic Electric Works is now home to the Shiodome Museum Rouault Gallery. Fans of 20th century French painter, Georges Rouault, won’t want to mss this impressive collection of his paintings and printworks here. The gallery also hosts exhibitions and events celebrating similar works.

    Shiodome Museum website

    45. See a Concert at Oji Hall

    Oji Hall, which is less than five minutes on foot from Ginza Sation, hosts a variety of concerts and live performances. If you’re caught in the rain, a musician you like is in town, or you’re looking for something new to try, see what’s on at Oji Hall.

    Oji Hall

    46. Go to ZOE Ginza

    This is another shopping mall offering several storeys of shops and restaurants such as Burberry, Grand Taya salon, and Max Mara. Ginza is a shopper’s heaven, so be sure to make the most of it!

    ZOE Ginza website *Automatic translation available

    47. Eat Yummy Champon Noodles


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    Not everyone wants to have an expensive meal in Ginza. At Ringer Hut, you can chow down on some seriously good champon noodles and dumplings at reasonable prices. This popular eatery is open until late and you can also get beer.

    Ringer Hut Tabelog page

    48. Get Sports Goods at Asics Store Tokyo

    Asics is a great place to get sports and outdoor stuff from jackets to backpacks to colourful footwear. If you’re looking for sports products, don’t miss Asics from your itinerary. There is also an Asics store in Shibuya as well as Osaka and Hiroshima.

    Asics Store Tokyo website *Japanese only

    49. Visit the Ginza Graphic Gallery

    For those who prefer modern art, the Ginza Graphic Gallery is worth a visit for its vibrant works related to graphic design. They host a variety of exhibitions and is a great place for graphic designers and creative types to get inspiration.

    Ginza Graphic Gallery website

    50. Shop on a Budget at GU Ginza

    GU Ginza is perfect if you’d like to keep up with the latest trends in Japan but can’t afford some of Ginza’s higher-budget shops, which are admittedly more expensive. Visit GU Ginza for some great deals on fashionable clothing, shoes, and accessories, saving more money for other activities!

    GU website *Japanese only

    51. Take a Break at Miyuki Kan

    Take a breather from the shopping and gallery exploring to sip coffee and try a sweet treat at Cafe de Ginza Miyuki Kan! This cafe offers cakes, tarts, parfaits, and mont blanc, as well as smoothies, coffee, lattes, and various kinds of tea.

    Miyuki Kan also has a gift selection so you can take some of the shop’s tasty biscuits and cakes home with you! Be sure to give this stylish cafe a try.

    Miyuki Kan Tabelog page

    52. Check Out the Megumi Ogita Gallery

    This independent gallery shows art inspired by toys, manga comics, and anime and is therefore slightly different from the traditional art museum. Be sure to check out this celebration of pop culture in Ginza.

    Megumi Ogita Gallery website *Japanese only

    53. See the Winter Illuminations

    The Japanese love their illuminations, which are Christmas lights decorating various parts of the city usually between November and February. These are a beautiful sight and Ginza has its fair share of charming lights! if you’re going to be in Tokyo during winter, stay until the evening so you won’t miss some of these beautiful seasonal lights.

    54. Each Posh Ramen at Kagari Echika Fit

    Kagari sells ramen, but with higher quality ingredients and dishes that are presented in a more elegant and attractive way. Kagari is very popular with women, in particular. Try some tasty and classy noodles at this nice store in Ginza.

    Kagari Echika Fit Tabelog page

    55. Shop for Men’s Clothing at Matsuya

    Ginza isn’t only for girls! For quality men’s fashion, visit Matsuya Department Store, not be confused with the cheap eats restaurant of the same name. Ralph Lauren, Yohji Yamamoto, and Issey Miyake all have great lines for classy and upscale menswear.


    56. Get Cosmetics at FANCL

    @yu10mama様の投稿をご紹介させて頂きます♪ 素敵な投稿をありがとうございました! #Repost @yu10mama ・・・ FANCL(@fancl_official )様より、#素敵便 😊✨ * こちら、#スキンリニューアルパック ☺️✨ ジェル状の洗い流しパックで、肌トラブルなどの速攻ケアしたい時に、たった1分おいて洗い流すだけの簡単パック😆👍💕💕子供とのお風呂でバダバタの時間がないママには助かる一本😁✨ 敏感肌の私でも、エタノールフリーだから大丈夫だった〜〜🙆❤️ * 洗い流した後もキメが整って、後の化粧水がグングン入ってかなり、しっとり〜😆❤️❤️ * 開封後90日で使い切る集中パック‼︎ 約12回分使えるので、大切な日の前日にこれを使ってケアして、これからの乾燥対策頑張るぞー😆💓 * * #ファンケル #1分でちゅるん肌 #パック #ジェルパック #乾燥肌対策 #ジェル #美容 #コスメ #コスメ紹介 #コスメレポ #コスメ部 #モニター募集 #コスメマニア #美容法 #美容すきな人と繋がりたい #化粧品オタク #化粧ノリ #美的 #美ママ #美ママプレス #voce #美st #androsy #美活部 #敏感肌 #エタノールフリー #美容雑誌

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    FANCL is just a short walk away from Matsuya Department Store and it’s a great place to pick up popular brands of beauty products, which make great gifts. Stock up your makeup and even try a new style at one of Tokyo’s most stylish cosmetic stores.

    FANCLE website

    57. Browse Tobacco Products at Ginza Kikusui

    Smoker or not, you’ll appreciate the products found at Ginza Kikusui. The shop has old and new tobacco products such as pipes. The shop also has books and accessories for pipes.

    Ginza Kikusui website *Japanese only

    58. Browse Books at Kyobunkan

    If you’re in Ginza and in need of books, visit this store in Ginza! Kyobunkan has manga comics, magazines, novels, textbooks and more in its huge floor space. Book lovers can’t miss this mega store close to ZOE Ginza.

    Kyobunkan website

    59. Get the Perfect Pair of Chopsticks

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    9月17日は敬老の日です🍄おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんに、使いやすいお箸のプレゼントはいかがでしょう?子孫繁栄、無病息災の縁起物、ひょうたん柄の山中塗のお箸がおススメです!全体的に漆の粉で仕上げてあるのでにぎりやすく、箸先もすべらず使いやすいと好評です!👵🧓🥦🥢#おじいちゃん #おばあちゃん#大好き#東京ミッドタウン #木 #箸 #六本木 #ありがとう #手作り #職人 #暮らし #お家ごはん #東京#おめでたい #夏#銀座夏野#秋#箸置き #cooljapan #madeinjapan #chopsticks #wood #dish #gift #tokyo #travel #japan #love #amazing #cool

    六本木 箸長さん(@roppongihashicho)がシェアした投稿 –

    Chopsticks play a significant role in Japanese dining and as with many things, people haven’t hesitated to create these eating utensils with pretty patterns or high quality materials. At Natsuno in Ginza, you’ll find plenty of different kinds of chopsticks as well as other dining-related goods such as sake cups and more. Visit one of their shops in Ginza for some special goods.

    Natsuno website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    60. Shop for Budget Clothing at Ginza Inz

    Ginza Inz is another great choice if you’re shopping on a budget. This mall sells affordable clothing and accessories for women and is well worth a visit if you’re looking for non-designer brands.

    Ginza Inz website *Japanese only

    61. Visit Tokyu Hands for Household Goods

    Ginza is known for fashion, but Tokyu Hands specialises in household goods. There are many everyday things in Japan that you can’t get in many other countries, so be sure to check out stationery, interior goods, and “emergency” items, which are high quality goodsthat they say you can’t live without in Japan! Visit Tokyu Hands and see what treasures you come across.

    Tokyu Hands website

    62. Enjoy a Chocolate Treat at Pierre Marcolini

    ホワイトデー セレクション8個入り マルコリーニが奏でるカカオの世界を気軽に楽しめるアソートメント。ハートの葉にとまっLADYBIRD(てんとう虫)は、幸せが訪れるサイン。「パステル パッションフルーツ ショコラ レ」にてんとう虫がデザインされた期間限定のチョコレートに加え、新作の「アーモンド プラリネ グラン クリュ」、代表的な「ピエール マルコリーニ グラン クリュ」、赤く美しい一粒「クール フランボワーズ」、キャラメルソースが入った「アニモ キャラメル」や「エスカルゴ」を詰め合わせました。8つの愛はワクワクです。#ピエール マルコリーニ #チョコレート#ホワイトデー#銀座 #渋谷 #新宿 #東京駅 #羽田空港 #横浜 #名古屋 #カカオ#てんとう虫 #ハート#愛 #エスカルゴ #キャラメル #フランボワーズ#グランクリュ

    A post shared by ピエール マルコリーニ オフィシャル (@pierre_marcolini_japan) on

    Pierre Marcolii, named after the famous Belgian chocolatier, is particularly popular close to Valentine’s Day and White Day. It’s the place to get high quality and cute chocolates that make great souvenirs or a sweet treat for yourself such as a parfait or smoothie.

    Pierre Marcolini Ginza website *Japanese only

    63. Visit Asahi Inari Shrine

    Great to visit the God between shopping😊👼 #OTMEtogo #ginza #asahiinari #bicycle #shrine

    A post shared by OTME project (@otme_project) on

    This virtually unknown little shrine is located near Mitsukoshi Ginza and is only really visible with the torii gate that blends in with the modern structures around it.

    The ground floor of this shrine is the main worship spot where you throw in your five-yen coin and pray for luck and prosperity in business as well as personal fortune for you and your family. On the 8th floor is the main structure of the shrine, a charming sight surrounded by the skyscrapers of Ginza. Visit this sweet shrine if you have some time to spare.


    64. Have a Delicious Steak at Gyuan

    #kobebeef #gyuanginza

    A post shared by @ j.a.chua on

    Gyuan in the center of Ginza offers succulent and tasty steak dishes perfect for meat lovers! You can also get some of the famous high-class hotpot dish, sukiyaki, and bask in the authentic old Japan feel of the place. Dinner can get expensive but lunch can be as little as 1000 yen per person.

    Gyuan Tabelog website

    65. Take a Break at Kyobashi Park

    If you’re travelling with children, Kyobashi Park is a nice place to take a break. This small area has a play area for kids and some open space where you can take a breather from the crowds of shoppers. It’s also a great place to see some pretty cherry blossoms in early spring.


    66. Explore Armani Ginza Tower

    A post shared by メグ (@megumilk_333) on

    Giorgio Armani is a world-famous brand that you can find in many cities around the world. The Armani Ginza Tower is a huge and beautiful bulding that lights up at night and offers shopping and dining througout the day. For a wonderful shopping experience, visit the Armani Ginza Tower.

    Armani Japan website

    67. Take a Japanese Culture Class at HiSUi

    HiUi is an art school in Ginza where you can learn about the Japanese tea ceremony, the batto sword, kimono dressing, and more. This highly rated facility is a fantastic place to learn more about an aspect of Japanese traditional culture that you enjoy. Check out their website for further details.

    HiSUi website

    68. Check Out the Shops on Namiki-Dori Street and Building

    Namiki-Dori is another exciting shopping street in Ginza. Namiki-Dori Building is also a large mall featuring stores selling men’s and women’s clothing and bags, a beauty treatment salon, and a wedding venue.

    Namiki-Dori Building website *Automatic translation available

    69. Visit Nissan Crossing

    Petrol heads and fans of cars can’t mss Nissan Crossing! This building exhibits new cars by Nissan and there is also a Crossing Cafe and Boutique gift shop. If you love cars and Nissan in particular, this gallery is worth a visit.

    Nissan Crossing website

    70. Visit Tokyu Plaza

    #Repost @chapeaud_ostaff (@get_repost) ・・・ . Chapeau d’ O 東急プラザ銀座店 . . 本日からmisa harada winter collection 2017" を開催しております🌟 . 早い者勝ちなので、是非お早めにお越しくださいませ🎩✨ 皆様のご来店を心よりお待ち申し上げております。 Chapeau d'O 東急プラザ銀座 東京都中央区銀座5-2-1 東急プラザ銀座4階 📞03-6280-6576 . . #chapeaudo #chapeaudo銀座 #シャポードオー #headdress #ミサハラダ #ミサハラ #misaharada #london #2017aw #hat #cap #限定デザイン #love #帽子 #帽子好き #instahat #instagood #instadress #銀座 #tokyuplazaginza #tokyo #ginza#book #限定#クリスマス #christmas

    A post shared by TokyuPlazaGinzaofficial (@tokyuplazaginzaofficial) on

    Another great place for shopaholics, Tokyu Plaza is a one-minute walk from Ginza Station and has restaurants, cafes, and, of course, shops! Here you can find many great Japanese brands as well as the duty-free Lotte shop guaranteed to keep you busy for hours. If you plan to visit this place often, the mall also has its own point card system. You can shop until you drop at this exciting mall.

    Tokyu Ginza website

    71. Get Traditional Stationery at Kyukyodo

    Another great place to get special stationery is Kyukyodo, which is near Wako Honkan and GU Ginza. Here, you can get calligraphy brushes, incense, cute origami, and special gifts that resemble traditional Japanese writing and art equipment.

    Kyukyodo website *Japanese only

    72. Get Special Souvenirs at Kumamoto Kan

    No doubt you’d like to get some souvenirs from Tokyo. Kumamoto Kan is a great choice to get beautifully wrapped and high quality gifts for friends and family back home! Kumamoto is a prefecture in Kyushu and is also the name of the company’s mascot. You might even see this cute character around the store!

    Kumamoto Kan website *Japanese only

    73. Go to Dover Street Market

    This glitzy and fashionable department store features jewellery shops, brand collections, books, and accessories all in one glamorous space. If luxury is what you’re looking for, DSM Ginza is for you.

    Dover Street Market website

    74. Try Delicious Coffee at Cafe de L’Ambre

    #coffee #travel #cafe #Tokyo #Japan #cafedel'Ambre

    A post shared by bearstro (@bearbistro) on

    The coffee beans at this high quality cafe are from Brazil and some customers say that this is the best coffee you’ll find in Tokyo! Not only are the drinks good, but the cafe itself has a peaceful and cozy atmosphere that you’re unlikely to forget. Cafe de L’Ambre is open until 10:00pm, which is excellent if you’re planning to stay in Ginza until late.

    Cafe de L’Ambre Tabelog page

    75. Catch a Movie at Cine Switch

    Tired out from shopping and want to take a break? You can catch a movie at Cine Switch! Check out this cinema’s showing times and watch a new release on the big screen while getting your energy back. Other nearby cinemas include TOHO cinemas Nichigeki and Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho.

    Cine Switch website

    76. Check Out Ginza Place

    銀座 今 ビルまでクリスマス一色ですね〜

    A post shared by Yoshikatsu (@yoshikatsum) on

    This shopping centre has showrooms, event spaces, and restaurants. Here, you can find gorgeous galleries, relaxing lounges, and a showroom for the famous electronic company, Sony. It’s slightly different to other shopping malls and there are many experiences which you can only enjoy here. Be sure to give Ginza Place a visit during your stay.

    Ginza Place website

    77. Enjoy Some Seriously Good Ramen at Ginza Noodles Mugi to Oribu

    This cosy restaurant between Ginza and Higashi-Ginza offers beautful ramen noodle dishes featuring unusual ingredients such as clam and crab. The clean and high-quality ingredients make for a superior taste and this delicious cuisine experience is not to be missed in Ginza.

    Ginza Noodles Mugi to Oribu Tabelog page

    78. Satisfy Your Cravings at Lindt Chocolate Cafe

    A post shared by aya nakasato (@a_rose_aya) on

    Love Lindt chocolate? This Swiss chocolatier is available in Ginza in the form of a rich and delicious cafe! You can relax with a hot beverage, sweet, or tasty parfait and browse Lindt items that they have on sale there. Satisfy your sweet tooth and treat yourself to some high-quality chocolate at this popular establishment.

    Lindt Chocolate Cafe website

    79. Have a Cultural Experience at Welcome Japan Support Ginza

    This performing arts theatre aims to educate foreigners on Japanese culture in a fun and interactive way. Soak up the cultural atmosphere in the traditional garden and try a traditional tea ceremony, calligraphy and karate. WJS Ginza also offers travel support such as currency exchange and Wifi rental, and there is a shop to buy souvenirs as well. This is an excellent choice if you are new to Tokyo and interested in learning about Japanese culture and customs.

    WJS Ginza website

    80. Get a Spa Treatment at Facia Ginza

    In need of some spoiling? Facia describes itself as “the happiest place in Japan” and is the place in Ginza to get a therapeutic massage and facials in a relaxing environment so you can lose the stress of travelling. The spa therapists are proficient in English and the treatments are personalised to their customers’ needs.

    Facia Ginza website

    81. Shop at Ginza Core

    Nights lights #ginza

    A post shared by A Life In Design (@becveitch) on

    Another great shopping mall in this area is Ginza Core. It’s located near the attractive Yon-chome intersection and as well as having almost 70 stores, it also features delicious shabu shabu and sushi restaurants where visitors can enjoy high quality Japanese food in between shopping.

    Ginza Core website

    82. Check Out the Art at Gallerie Nichido

    This is a gallery where you can see western-style oil painting where Japanese artists were inspired by European styles. The gallery celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2017 and also has branches in Paris and Taipei.

    Gallerie Nichido website

    83. Check Out the Beautiful New Shopping Centre

    GINZA SIX was completed in 2017 and has 13 storeys of 241 shops and a noh theatre on the basement floor. This enormous and impressive shopping mall is also home to some lovely decorative artwork by celebrated Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

    Ginza Six website

    84. Check Out Vanilla Art Gallery

    This gallery features brand new artists with their own crazy and sometimes dark styles. You’ll see various events being held here and there is also an online shop on their website. Discover your erratic side at this fascinating modern gallery!

    Vanilla Gallery website

    85. Sample Fantastic Chocolates and Cakes at The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe

    For a truly high-class treat, visit this beautiful cafe just a six-minute walk from Ginza Station. The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe, where the comfort of coffee and cake is fused with the quality of fine dining. The cakes and pancakes here are to die for and a relaxing break here is perfect after sightseeing and shopping.

    The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe website

    86. Take a Stroll Around Hibiya Park

    Hibiya Park is just twelve minutes on foot from Ginza Station and is a spacous, western-style park perfect for a stroll. Catch some live music at the outdoor venue or admire the beauty of the flowerbeds.

    Hibiya Park website

    87. Take a Detour to Marunouchi

    Marunouchi is Ginza’s stylish neighbour and is also home to the breathtaking Imperial Palace! If you have time, head on over to this nice district packed with things to do.

    The 30 Best Things to Do in Marunouchi to Make You Fall in Love with Tokyo in 2018

    88. Get the Perfect Kimono at Tansuya

    This kimono speciality store is a haven for those who love this beautiful traditional garment. Browse different colours and patterns, collect kimono items such as robes, sandals, and even handbags, and see what old and new products they have to offer. The kimonos here also make wonderful gifts.

    Tansuya website *Automatic translation available

    89. Visit Pola Museum Annex

    The Pole Museum Annex has three concepts: “biyo” (beauty), “bijutsu” (art), and “bishoku” (gourmet). This classy gallery hosts different kinds of exhibitions and you’ll feel calm and appreciative as you stroll the wide open rooms of this clean and stimulating art space.

    Pola Museum Annex website

    90. Browse Gorgeous Antiques

    The Antique Mall Ginza has a vast collection of antiques and collectibles fro various countris such as Japan, China, and some western countries. This is a treasure trove for those interested in the traditional, the outdated, and the mysterious. Give the Antique Mall Ginza a try and pick up something special.

    Antique Mall Ginza website

    91. Check Out Okinawan Goods at Washita

    Stuck in Tokyo but longing for Japan’s tropical islands? Washita in Ginza sells music, art, and food from Okinawa, Japan’s much-loved southernmost prefecture. If you can’t make a trip to Okinawa yourself, Ginza has the next best thing! The basement floor has special Okinawan sake and there is also a small cafe here where you can sample ice cream and delicious sata andagi doughnuts.

    Washita shop website *Japanese only

    Ginza Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    Ginza is a fantastic place to visit, and there are also many experiences waiting for you that include Ginza as well as other places! Check out the below tours and tickets!

    92. Join an All-Inclusive Culture Experience Program


    There is a tour that is perfect for you if you’d like to experience a tea ceremony, kimono, calligraphy, and Japanese sword fighting all in one! This tour offers several popular aspects of Japanese culture all in one day, so you can taste a bit of everything!

    Booking details: Join our all-inclusive Japanese culture experience program

    93. Japan Tour Package Deal! Tokyo to Osaka in a 6-day holiday


    This affordable tour offers not only Ginza and Tokyo, but Osaka too! You can take a tour of Tokyo’s most charming spots such as Ryogoku, Asakusa and Tsukiji Fish Market, then head to Mt. Fuji for some picture perfect spots. After that, you can ride a bullet train to Osaka and even get a day tour of Kyoto! If you’d like to see a chunk of Japan at an affordable price, try out this tour!

    Booking details: Japan Tour Package Deal! Tokyo to Osaka in a 6-day holiday

    94. Go Running in Ginza and Tsukiji


    If you enjoy running and you’re interested in seeing Tokyo in a different way, consider taking a running tour! A local guide will show you all the best spots including Ginza, Tsukiji, and Nippon Bridge. The tour is offered even if it rains a little (though you can cancel if you prefer). Join to see Tokyo and stay active at the same time.

    Booking details: Let’s Go Running in the Center of Tokyo, Ginza & Tsukiji!

    95. Take a One-Day Trip Around the Best Spots in Tokyo

    Tokyo tour

    If you’d like to see Tokyo’s best spots in one day then consider taking a one-day trip with a guide so you don’t miss anything. The below tour includes Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, the Imperial Palace, Meiji-Jingu Shrine and, of course, Ginza.

    Booking details: Take a one-day trip around the best spots in Tokyo

    96. Take a Shore Excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    Parked car and Rainbow Bridge at night in Tokyo

    If you are taking the cruise ship to Yokohama, there’s a great tour that picks you up from Yokohama port and shows you round Tokyo in the comfort of a car. If you’re going to be in Yokohama port, consider booking this so you can see the best spots of Asakusa, Akihabara, Ginza and more with a guide.

    Booking details: Shore excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    97. Take a Cherry Blossom Bus Tour in Sakura Season


    If you visit Japan during late March or early April, you’ll likely be able to see the famous cherry blossoms blooming all over the country. This is one of the favorite times in Japan due to the fact that these precious flowers don’t bloom for very long – several weeks at most. You can take a bus tour to the best spots in Tokyo, including famous places such as the Kabuki theater and shopping street in Ginza before you go.

    Booking details: Cherry Blossom Tour – Half Day Sakura Highlights by Bus

    98. Enjoy a Full-Day Cycling Sightseeing Tour


    This is for people who would prefer to see Tokyo on a bicycle rather than on foot or on a bus. This full-day tour offers different schedules, most of which include Ginza, so you can choose the package which suits you best.

    Booking details: Enjoy a full-day cycling sightseeing tour of Tokyo!

    99. Ride the Tokyo Sky Bus on a Tour around Tokyo


    There are times when you might prefer to see a city without having to walk, and if that’s the case, it might be a good idea to take a special bus tour so you can see Tokyo in the comfort of your own seat. The bus tour includes Ginza, the Rainbow Bridge near Odaiba, the imperial palace and Tokyo Tower, depending on which course you select.

    Booking details: Ride the Tokyo Sky Bus on a Tour around Tokyo

    100. Get a Complete Health Care Package


    For women in Tokyo, you can get a complete health care package which includes a medical check-up, a check to help your body repel diseases, and a vitamin C drip to help improve your overall health. This is offered at a special price and is especially for women who want to check and improve their health.

    Booking details: Reserve a Complete Health-care Package for Women in Tokyo!

    With such a lively district bursting with exciting things to do, Ginza should definitely be on your must-go list! If you need transport to or from Haneda Airport, consider booking the transfer shuttle service. Experience everything you can during your visit, appreciate Japanese history and art, and make the most of your trip!

    For more things to do in other areas, check this list out!
    Would you like to stay in Ginza? Check out all the hotels in the area here!

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