Don’t Miss This Hidden Sanctuary in the Heart of Tokyo City – Todoroki Valley!

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  • Who says Tokyo City is just all about the hustle and bustle of the typical urban life? Well, yes, there’s a truth in that one. Considering the capital’s world-class industrialization and its reputation as a technologically advanced city, it’s easy to conclude how life would be like in town – busy, noisy, generally comfortable but most of the time stressful. But Tokyo wouldn’t be a top tourist destination if not for its surprises!

    Yes, the city never fails to impress. And today, we’ll uncover one of the best places you must not miss if you’re looking for an enchanting place to relax, unwind, or enjoy nature without having to leave Tokyo. So get yourselves ready and take your first memorable stroll along Todoroki (等々力)!

    Where can you find it?

    Todoroki Valley is located along the western part of Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward (世田谷区). It takes around 20 minutes to reach the area via train coming from Central Tokyo. Once you reach Tokyu Oimachi Line’s (東急大井町線) Todoroki Station (等々力駅), you’ll need an additional five-minute walk to see the valley’s entrance. It doesn’t even take half an hour!

    What to expect when arriving at the area?

    Oh, the surprises!

    Imagine yourself getting off the train fresh from the city ambiance and suddenly stepping into a silent atmosphere complete with bamboo trees, old shrines, and that relaxing sound of chirping birds replacing the loud, upbeat music of the urban area. Relaxing, isn’t it?

    It’s almost a dream come true to find a place that can literally be your nearby escape away from Tokyo’s noise! As you start exploring the place, expect to see the following:

    1. Todoroki trail

    A narrow and attractive walking trail around 1.2 kilometers in length with the Yazawa River (矢沢川) next to it. It’s perfect for your afternoon stroll, and for romantics, the ideal road to walk hand in hand with their loved ones!

    2. Fudo Waterfall (不動の滝)

    This waterfall is a popular spot with a rich history. It’s said that the waterfalls had been used by people who undergo ascetic training. It’s also considered as an excellent meditative spot because of its location. The water current flowing in the falls isn’t as strong as it had been years ago, but it’s still a fancy to watch it flow straight from the mouths of two ornate dragons, giving a mythical feel!

    3. Setsugekka (雪月花)

    Setsugekka is a cozy tea room which serves green tea and kuzumochi (葛餅) cake, a local sweet specialty, to guests. It’s a perfect place to relax and simply appreciate the stunning view of the valley with excellent snack treats.

    Setsugekka Website

    4. Todoroki Fudoson (等々力不動尊)

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    2018年12月6日 #等々力不動尊 #等々力渓谷 * * 東京pic続いてます💦 世田谷マダムと二子玉川でのlunchの後は、近場にこんな癒しのスポットがあったの〜と、マイナスイオンたっぷりの場所へ🌿🍀🍁 マダムいわく、お花見🌸の時期に来たことがあったけれど、紅葉🍁の時期は初めてだったとか😆 今年は紅葉には少し早かったのか、塩害の被害なのか、素晴らしい紅葉🍁とまではいきませんでしたが、渓谷や公園を散策してエネルギーチャージ💪🏻ばっちりして来ました😊 老若男女沢山の人が訪れていましたよ〜☺ * * #japan #東京 #tokyo #等々力 #等々力渓谷公園 #東京観光 #マイナスイオン #たっぷり #癒された #エネルギーチャージ #紅葉 #散策 #御朱印 #御朱印帳 #御朱印ガール #御朱印集め #御朱印集めてる人と繋がりたい #世田谷 #マダム #同級生 #楽しかった #過去pic #11月23日

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    Todoroki Fudoson is a Buddhist temple which is directly located above Fudo Waterfall. It will treat you to a picturesque view of its spacious garden, and if you come at the right season, a dazzling display of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

    Todoroki Fudoson Website *Japanese only

    One of the best things about this place is its year-round natural beauty. It’s not like other spots where you have to come at a specific season to bask in the glory of its view.

    Todoroki Valley gives you the treat all year round! Visitors can enjoy the plum blossoms around February and March, while cherry blossoms are best around April. Green foliage starts to adorn the place in May, while the beautiful crimson shade of maple leaves fill the place during autumn.

    There’s so much to explore in the valley if you follow the direction of the river. Unlike most nature parks that are trimmed and designed for commercial tourism, Todoroki Valley gives off that untamed, jungle-like feel that adventurous personalities crave.

    Narrow pathways on the side of the main walkway is an open invitation for explorers and you’ll never know what’s up there unless you look! There’s no need to deviate from your Tokyo itinerary just to indulge your nature trip cravings. Todoroki Valley is just a short train ride away!

    Todoroki Valley Website *Japanese only

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