Get a Haircut with No Problem at These 4 English-Speaking Hair Salons in Tokyo

  • Relaying your ideal haircut to a stylist can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have an image or catalog for reference. But there’s nothing more challenging than working with a stylist who speaks a different language! If you don’t say it right, your dream hairstyle can easily turn into your worst nightmare.

    As a fashion hub, Tokyo (東京) prides itself for stunning hairstyles ranging from the elegant and simple to unique and popular cuts patterned after famous pop idols and even anime characters. Over the years, more and more people, both locals and foreign tourists, are showing interest in Japan’s fashion sense.

    Hairstyles are part of the package, and unless you speak Japanese, getting a haircut in Japan can be difficult. But not anymore! With these four English-speaking hair salons in Tokyo, getting the best style is no longer a problem.

    1. SIN DEN – International Artists’ Top Pick!

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    If you’re eyeing to have that posh hair and makeup your favorite artists have, then this salon in Shibuya (渋谷) is the right place to go.

    Located in one of Tokyo’s most stylish areas, SIN DEN doesn’t disappoint in terms of its architecture as well as the service it provides. The best part is, you are guaranteed that your hair will be in the right hands with the salon’s expert stylists.

    If you can’t put a name to a particular style, their hair professionals have some of the best suggestions that would fit both your facial features and lifestyle. Whether you’re gaga over hairstyles on a daily basis or passive about fashion in general, this shop has you covered!

    SIN DEN Website

    2. vip creative hair international – Own an Exclusive Room Like a VIP!

    Have you ever fancied the thought of getting your hair done without having to worry about other people looking at you while a stylist works on your cut? Well, this salon is your haven.

    Aside from its popularity in dealing with international clients, the salon prides itself on treating every customer like a real VIP by allowing them to occupy an exclusive room as they get their favorite cut. Customers who love privacy or parents who bring their kids along will most definitely find the exclusive room and top-quality service very convenient.

    vip creative hair international Website

    3. Hair Dress Azabu – Seats Are Limited! Are You One of the Lucky Five?

    It’s not a joke when we said seats are limited. This private salon is known to only cater to a maximum of five customers a day. It’s also a rule of thumb to have your session reserved ahead of time. Hair Dress Azabu does not entertain walk-in clients so to save yourself the hassle, better drop a call to set a date and time.

    Meticulous as it seems, clients have never been disappointed by its service. The owner of the salon, who happens to have professional experience in London, personally takes care of your hairstyle request. Big or small, complex or simple, the salon has your back.

    Hair Dress Azabu Website

    4. Hayato Tokyo Omotesando – A Relaxing Head Massage plus an Expert’s Cut!

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    Shooting with stylist YUKI. 10月に向けた秋らしい最新スタイル! 【Best Hair salon in Tokyo 】 ✂️Hayato Tokyo Omotesando✂️ . ↓↓↓Price list below↓↓↓ —————————————- 【All new clients get 20% off now】 —————————————- We make everyone in the world happy and smile. Believe us we won't let you down. Please have good experience by our service If you have any question please feel free to contact us by messages or call♪ —————————————- 初めてのお客様は20%オフ中です♪ 私たちのヘアサービスで世界中の人を幸せで笑顔にしたい。 是非一度体験してください♪ 質問などお電話やメッセンジャーからお問い合わせ受け付けております ——————————— ■ADDRESS 〒107-0062 3rd fl. 5-9-3 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 東京都港区南青山5-9-3 3F ■TEL 03-3499-6555 ■E-Mail Omotesando station exit b1 and walk 1 min ——————————— #hairstyle #hairsalon #ヘアスタイル #ヘア #ロングヘア #スタイリング #ヘアカタログ #ヘアカラー #カラー #イメチェン #グラデーションカラー #サロモ募集 #サロモ #ハイトーンカラー #일본 #팔로우 #머리스타그램#原宿ヘアサロン#美容室原宿 #ヘアサロン原宿#メイクアップ #可愛い #原宿カフェ #日系 #日系造型 #日系发型 #美发沙龙

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    This salon is probably the most popular stop of international clients who wish for top-class efficiency plus an added relaxation service.

    Having learned in fashion hubs like New York and London, the staff of Hayato Tokyo is confident that they can deliver every little detail you want for your hair!

    Also, you get extra benefit and fulfillment in experiencing their staff’s skilled hands as they massage your head while applying shampoo on your hair. Well, isn’t that relaxing?

    Hayato Tokyo Omotesando Website

    Language shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the best haircut while in Tokyo. If you speak English, then problem solved! So enjoy your trip, taste the city’s top cuisines, and get your hair styled by the city’s best!

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