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    Forest in Yoshino
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    High Tech, Anime and Hybrid cars are some things people might expect when coming to Japan.
    However, few people know that Japan is actually a mountainous country with a long history of forestry, over 75 percent of Japan’s land is covered by uninhabitable areas.

    Yoshino Wood

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    As one of the traditional forestry areas in Japan, Yoshino City in Nara Prefecture prides itself as the best stamps producer in Japan.
    Its history dates back in the medieval Muromachi Period of the 1500s when people started to build stable and strong castles and homes with wooden frames.
    By the Tokugawa Era of 1600s, with the development of afforestation techniques and implementation, Yoshino Wood quickly became an icon of “Quality” Wood.

    The Problem

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    Today, Yoshino Wood is used not only in Architecture but is also ranged from expensive furniture to everyday household goods. However, local foresters are struggling in our days for preserving the industry as the consumers look abroad for cheaper solutions and products.
    Although Yoshino wood reserves a special and privileged position in the Japanese Market, there is a sharp increase of usage in imported plywood which is slowly eliminating genuine domestic materials.
    Now, the young generation of Yoshino Foresters are struggling to protect the tradition and using new methods, appliances, and IT to promote and market the Brand Wood in new domestic and International markets.

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    Typical Yoshino Wood was used for construction. Now foresters are adjusting to new appliances such as the long wood for Furniture or Wooden pellets used to produce Biomass Fuels.


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    Nara prefecture is conveniently located next to Kyoto and Osaka, Some of the most famous tourist spots in Japan.
    Other than the green experience, Nara is the old capital of Japan with many artifacts and historical sites that can be enjoyed. And there you can buy for few yen some wooden sculpture for the decoration of your house.
    Maybe on your next visit you can consider visiting the vast forests and beautiful nature in Nara.