3 Mount Fuji Observation Spots in Tokyo

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  • If you cannot find a spot in your itinerary to take a closer look at Mount Fuji, there are great observation spots around Tokyo to fulfill your Fuji-san wonders. Take for example these three spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy the Mount Fuji scenery.
    Mount Fuji, being the tallest and most picturesque landscape in Japan offers a beautiful view.

    Tokyo Tower

    The famous Tokyo Tower is not just an iconic building in Tokyo, but it offers a great spot to see Mount Fuji. The tower itself is an amazing architecture hence you would not just enjoy the view of Mount Fuji, and the city below but also visit the tower. There are also restaurants and departments stores inside making it a great place to take dinner and shop while enjoying a fantastic view of Tokyo and Mt.Fuji.


    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Observation Deck

    If you want to look at the glorious Mt.Fuji for free, the 45th Floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Observation Deck main building offers a fantastic view of the volcano. There is a cafe at the top with reasonable price, hence if you are looking for a place to rest in Shinjuku, a sip of coffee overlooking Tokyo and a glimpse of Mount Fuji is what this building has to offer.


    Mount Takao

    Located at the western part of Tokyo, Mount Takao offers a spectacular view of the Mount Fuji. However, you would not just be there for the view because this Tokyo attraction is a day trip to embrace nature. There will be hiking and stairs to climb, or if you prefer an easier way to go to the top of the Takao Mountain, trek a cable car, it will take you 400 m up halfway to the top that will take only 30 minutes to reach it.



    No visitor would leave Japan without taking a glimpse of Mount Fuji. It is simply a MUST-DO when traveling the country. So if you want to take a look at the majestic peak of Mount Fuji, these three places will give you the best view of the Fujisan. Take note, Mount Fuji is only visible in these places during good clear weather without clouds.