Customize Your Own Sauce Just the Way You Like It with Japan’s ‘MySauce Factory’

  • Do you like customizing things or personalizing your own items? How about customizing your own sauce? It may sound pretty weird, but this might just be the thing you’re looking for. MySauce Factory (マイソースファクトリー) is a new Japanese company that allows people to customize their own sauce using natural ingredients. You can spice up your sauce flavor by adding or subtracting certain ingredients! Sounds exciting? Check out the details below!

    Japanese Condiments

    Japan is popular for its condiments. You can find an array of little bottles and jars on the table once you visit restaurants in the country. There are a number of unique condiments you can find but many of them are optional. Servers usually explain the condiments in detail when they serve dishes so there’s no need to worry if you don’t know what they are for.

    A popular condiment that truly heightens Japanese food is the sauce. It’s difficult to imagine food without them. Sauces add up to the taste and excellence of dishes. Well-known sauces are tonkatsu sauce, kushikatsu sauce, yakiniku tare sauce, yakisoba sauce, sesame sauce, hot mustard, okonomi sauce, miso sauce, ponzu sauce, and of course, soy sauce. People usually bring home a few bottles of these sauces when they come home from a trip to Japan.

    MySauce Factory

    There’s nothing more thrilling than the power of creating your own food or even your very own sauce! MySauce Factory is allowing you to have such an experience by giving you the opportunity to create a unique sauce from different base sauces. You can choose the mildness or spiciness of your sauce depending on your preference. You can also make it sweeter if you want. You are simply creating your own sauce recipe!

    The first step to customizing your sauce is choosing the base sauce from several varieties displayed on the company’s online website. Some of these bases are variations of a pantry essential called “ponzu,” which is a citrus-based sauce. It comes in varieties such as “kabosu,” a citrus fruit of an evergreen broad-leaf tree, “yuzu,” a popular citrus fruit in Japan also known as citron, or “daidai,” an Asian variety of bitter orange.

    You can then put the ingredients you want by adding or subtracting them into the recipe. Each ingredient goes up to 13, allowing you to control the taste of your product.

    You can order your customized sauce and it will be shipped to you immediately. The amount you need to pay will depend on how you customize your sauce and its quantity. The range is usually from 600 to 1,000 yen. Bottles come in 100 and 200 mL sizes.

    If you happen to like a sauce you made, you can order it again. If you prefer their original sauces, you may do so, too. Do remember, however, that they only accept credit cards for payment.

    So if you feel like the common condiments and sauces are not enough to satisfy your food cravings, you better start customizing your own sauce. MySauce Factory gives you the flexibility to adjust your formula by becoming your own sauce boss. Change the taste of your sauce according to your preference and start customizing now!

    MySauce Factory Website *Japanese only

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