Top 5 romantic places in Japan

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  • While being able to travel to Japan is a good thing in itself, if you go as a couple or simply love romantic views this is the list of the most romantic places worth dropping by!

    1. Kinkakuji

    Embrace the beauty of nature in the Golden Pavilion located in the Northern Kyoto. The garden is designed to provide a view of different scenes while walking around a large pond. This is a perfect place for you and your special person to clear your mind and to just enjoy the view.


    2. Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea

    Of course, each and everyone in the world desires to visit the magical Disney! Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are two of the most visited places in Japan. Not to mention that Disney Resort is one of the best and biggest theme parks in the world. It is perfect for couples because of the night lights that occupy the vicinity of the resort. Thousands of lights that shine in every corner is what couples are looking for. Disney is an epitome of turning a magical night into the reality.


    3. Mt. Fuji

    mt. fuji

    If adrenalin is what makes for romance in your relationship, then a hike up Mount Fuji surely won’t disappoint you. Sat on the banks of a great lake and fringed with cherry blossoms, this mountain is one of Japan’s most beautiful and iconic sights. There is also a legend that I heard, that says if you didn’t see the Mt. Fuji on your first visit then you are likely to come back again. But with this beauty, you will surely come back even though you’ve seen Mt. Fuji a couple of times.


    4. Okinawa Islands

    Get ready for a sun-kissed skin, a cocktail in your hand and a romantic splash at Okuma. Okuma Beach is one of the most breath-taking beaches in the vicinity of Okinawa. The color of the sea complements the soft and white sand of the beach. Okuma beach is perfect for unwinding together with your partner.


    5. Tokyo Tower

    When you’re all weary and tired, aloft the Tokyo Tower, a dramatic and elegant dinner awaits. Soaring 1,091 ft above the ground is Tokyo Tower. As impressive as it looks during the day, it is pale in comparison to the brilliance and glow it makes, when the sky has turned to black and the lighting is switched on. Nothing can compare to the entire panorama of the lit up city and the night sky.


    So there, you have it! Five of the most romantic places to visit in Japan together with your better half. Even though, any place is romantic if you’re with your true love.