98 Things to Do in Shinjuku, the Party District of Tokyo, in 2019!

  • Shinjuku can be quite intimidating with its bright lights, enormous train station, glamorous people and an array of host clubs and bars. It is also a unique district of Tokyo; it is the gay capital and the home of the red light district. If you’re visiting Tokyo, this fascinating area is well worth a visit. Here are 98 things to do in Shinjuku.

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    1. Visit the Robot Restaurant

    The Robot Restaurant is one of the coolest themed restaurants in Tokyo with dazzling shows, dances, lasers, and more. You will enter a completely different world at this popular attraction. When you book with Voyagin, you can get discounts, seat upgrades, and exiting freebies. Check out the below tickets and find the best deal to visit one of the most hyped restaurants in downtown Kabukicho!

    Booking details: 28% OFF Diskon E-Tiket untuk Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

    2. Stroll the Streets of Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai


    One of the most famous places in Shinjuku is Kabukicho, Japan’s most famous red light district. If you want to fully experience Shinjuku, Kabukicho and Golden Gai are a must-visit. Although it isn’t openly dangerous, it is recommended you go with a guide to ensure you stay completely safe. The two tours below offer tours of these areas as well as introductions to local food and bars.

    Booking details: Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai Night Tour

    3. Get Your Fortune Told


    If you’re the superstitious type, why not get your fortune told while you’re in Shinjuku? A fortune-teller will use palm-reading and tarot cards to tell your future and even guide you to increase your good luck! For something a little unusual, give this a try.

    Booking details: Experience Fortune Telling in Shinjuku

    4. Step into the World of Alice in Wonderland

    Do you love Disney? There are several Alice in Wonderland themed cafes in Tokyo, and Shinjuku is home to “Alice in a Magical Land”. If you’re a fan of Alice and Disney, definitely pay a visit to this cute cafe! If you’d like to reserve a table so you can visit with complete peace of mind, check out the link below.

    Booking details: Reservation for Alice’s Cafes in Tokyo

    5. Catch and Cook Your Own Food at Zauo

    At a restaurant in Shinjuku, you can taste the freshest fish you’ve ever seen! You have the option to catch and even cook your own sea bream, flounder, and lobster. If this quirky way of dining appeals to you, book your reservation below.

    Booking details: Reservation for Fishing and Cooking in a Restaurant – Zauo!

    6. Visit a Real Host Club


    Looking for a girls’ night out, Japanese-style? It wouldn’t be a real night out in Shinjuku without a visit to a host club! These masters of entertainment will treat you like a princess, engage in great conversation, and ensure you have a fantastic night.

    Host clubs can get very expensive, so it is recommended you take the tour below with a local who will show you their favorite club and also introduce you to some great food!

    Booking details: Visit a Host Club in Shinjuku: Lady’s night life with locals

    7. Visit the Amazing Kawaii Monster Cafe

    If you want to dine somewhere very unique and have a real Japanese experience, why not book yourself this great dining experience. You will enjoy food and drinks in a surreal environment complete with performers, shows, pop-art, and much, much more! From huge monsters to a wonderful burlesque show, there is something for everyone here!

    Booking details: Reservation for “Kawaii Monster Cafe” in Shinjuku

    8. Dye Your Own Fabric


    Japanese dyeing is an old tradition that is fought to be preserved. This lesson below gives you a kimono workshop and the opportunity to dye your own fabric.

    Booking details: Experience dyeing textile at Futaba-en, Tokyo

    9. Experience Shinjuku’s Breathtaking Night Views


    As a metropolis, Shinjuku has some great night sights. This tour will introduce you to some famous buildings of Shinjuku and take you to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office, where you can see a breathtaking night view of the city.

    Booking details: Enjoy an Awesome Night View of Shinjuku

    10. Wear a Kimono and Take Pictures


    The kimono is a gorgeous Japanese dress. In Shinjuku, there’s an opportunity to dress in a kimono and have a photo shoot! This includes the makeup and hair, too, so you’ll get a real authentic experience and breathtaking pictures so you’ll never forget this special day. This is unmissable if you’re interested in Japanese history and fashion.

    Booking details: Dress Up in Kimono & Take Gorgeous Pictures in Shinjuku!

    11. See a Dance Performance With Unlimited Drinks Included!


    At the Black Swan Lake bar in Shinjuku, you can enjoy a fantastic dance performance. With this set, you can choose from a variety of meals and drink packages to ensure you have a great night out.

    Booking details: See a dance performance at Black Swan Lake in Kabukicho!

    12. Check Out the Samurai-Themed Restaurant


    Dive into the Sengoku days at the samurai-themed restaurant! You can select a set meal and feel the lifestyle of old Japanese warlords. With this tour, there is also an option to visit the famous Robot Restaurant and see their show!

    Booking details: Sengoku-style Izakaya dinner with a Robot Restaurant Ticket

    13. Learn “Yuzen-zome” Dyeing and Drawing Techniques from a Professional


    A professional dyer is holding an intermediate fabric dyeing lesson in Shinjuku. Dye your own coasters or handkerchiefs to take home, and learn how the process works. You can also try painting and dyeing hand towels in any color you choose.

    Booking details: Take an Intermediate Lesson on Dyeing Fabric

    14. Take a Special Food Tour

    Japanese Traditional Pizza Okonomiyaki

    This tour is great if you’d like to try Shinjuku’s best foods but are not sure where to start. This tour will introduce you to the yummy Japanese dishes okonomiyaki and monja. You can have a go at making them yourself at the traditional restaurants.

    Booking details: Enjoy an amazing private night tour in Shinjuku for foodies

    15. Become a Ninja for a Day


    A gym in Shinjuku is offering the chance to learn to become a ninja for a day! You can rent the special wear, choose a weapon and be shown how to use it. Afterwards, you can have pictures taken so you’ll have a souvenir to take home!

    Booking details: Experience ninja weapons and martial arts in Tokyo

    16. Try Kick-Boxing for All Levels


    While you’re at the gym, why not brush up on your kickboxing skills? Whether you’re a budding athlete or a complete beginner, this course can give you a little exercise while having fun!

    Booking details: Practice kickboxing in Tokyo

    17. Visit the Capcom Bar

    Shinjuku is also home to the Capcom bar. If you’re a fan of Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, definitely pay this unique bar a visit and try food with themes of your favorite video games!

    Booking details: Reservation for the Game World at the Capcom Bar in Tokyo

    18. Take Singing Lessons and Learn Japanese Through Music


    In Shinjuku, you can take a singing lesson that will not only train your pitch and rhythm, but also teach you how to sing a Japanese song. They have some for you to choose from, or you can provide your own CD or YouTube video beforehand. Learn Japanese the fun way and enjoy this singing lesson in a studio in Shinjuku!

    Booking details: Sing Japanese songs on a singing lesson in Tokyo!

    19. Try Japanese Calligraphy


    Calligraphy, or “shodo” is another Japanese tradition that is being preserved well. Learn how to write complicated kanji characters at this fun calligraphy class! You can join local people and even try some Japanese food afterwards.

    Booking details: Try the unique experience “Calligraphy with locals”

    20. Visit the Christon Medieval Cafe


    This is another themed cafe in Shinjuku, but this time it’s themed in medieval European style! Visit this cafe to enjoy themed cocktails and the medieval-style atmosphere. Click the link below to reserve your table.

    Booking details: Reservation for Medieval Europe Christon Cafe Shinjuku,Tokyo

    21. Try Out Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arranging


    Shinjuku is just bursting with cultural experiences, and this is no different. Ikebana, or flower arrangement, is a long-standing tradition that is said to help people heal mentally and help them find their inner peace. Try “ikebana” in Shinjuku!

    Booking details: Experience Ikebana, a Flower Arrangement Class!

    22. See Shinjuku from Up High

    Rồi phiêu linh hát để gió cuốn Em đi mãi xa vời. Làm mây phiêu lãng nơi cuối trời tìm Anh.

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    You can go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory free of charge and see a gorgeous view of Tokyo. It’s an affordable alternative to Tokyo Skyree and to get there, you walk through the peaceful and classy neighbourhood of Shinjuku’s ultra-modern office buildings.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory website

    23. Play with Cute Felines at a Cat Cafe

    You may have heard of these unusual cafes and you can find plenty of them in Tokyo! Cat cafes are becoming extremely popular in Japan and beyond, and if you love cats, you should definitely check out a cafe where you can pet and play with cute kitties to your heart’s content! Cat cafes in Shinjuku include Cat Cafe Calico, Cat Cafe Nyankoto, and Cafe Arles.

    24. Explore an Enormous Discount Store

    You haven’t been shopping in Japan until you’ve been to Don Quijote. It’s easy to get lost in this mecca for shoppers, which is filled to the brim with household goods, costumes, clothes, seasonal items, cosmetics, food, over-the-counter medicine, toys, alcohol, and more. For great deals, give this vast and interesting store a visit.

    Don Quijote website

    25. Practise Your Baseball Skills

    Japanese arcades are abundant, but at Shinjuku Batting Centre, you can test your skills by practising hitting baseballs! Challenge your friends and work up a sweat without having to leave the city. The arcade also has taiko drums, UFO catcher machine games, arcade games, and vending machines.

    Shinjuku Batting Centre website *Japanese only

    26. Shop for Cosplay Items and Unusual Clothing

    Okadaya in Shinjuku is a haven for cosplayers! Here, you’ll find clothing, accessories, and materials for just about any outfit for cosplay conventions, Halloween, and even special events. If you or someone you know loves making and wearing special and unique outfits, Okadaya is a great place to stop at and explore.

    Okadaya website *Japanese only

    27. Buy Authentic Japanese Sweets

    かき氷終わってた(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) #2017 #お茶 #花園茶房 #来年食べるかき氷

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    “Wagashi” are traditional sweets that go well to couneract the bitterness of green tea. You can check out “wagashi” at Hanazono Manju, a speciality shop located inside Keio Department Store. Browse unique confectionary and find the perfect gift to take home.

    Hanazono Manju website *Japanese only

    28. Visit Hanazono Shrine

    This Shinto shrine is home to many festivals in Shinjuku and is a great place to find some tranquility among the crowds of Tokyo. Walk under the red torii gate and explore the charming grounds of this well protected gem just ten minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station’s east exit.

    Hanazono Shrine website

    29. Check Out One of Shinjuku’s Coolest Cafe Bars

    CoColo Cafe not only has coffee, but delicious dishes such as roast beef, sandwiches, curries, spaghetti, and beer as well. This hip cafe/bar also has some fantastic desserts and is open for lunch and dinner. It’s a great place to fill up on good food and drink after a busy day of sightseeing in Shinjuku.

    CoColo Cafe Tabelog page

    30. Fall Back in Love with Books at BIBLIOPHILIC & bookunion

    This welcoming shop has everything book-related, including magazines, bookshelves, old and new novels, photo books, and accessories. Book reading and appreciating isn’t dead! Buy the perfect gift for an avid reader you know or find something special for yourself at this book heaven.

    BIBLIOPHILIC & bookunion website *Japanese only

    31. See Different Kinds of Costumes at the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

    Those who love dressing up and who like to admire different costumes would appreciate a visit to the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum. See how western influence has affected Japanese fashion and military wear, witness traditional ethnica wear from Japan and other parts of Asia, and check out the museum’s ever-expanding collection of garments, old and new.

    Admission is 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for university, college, and high school students, and 200 yen for children and junior high school students.

    Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum website

    32. Watch a Real Rakugo Show

    If you love comedy and want to brush up your Japanese, Suehirotei in Shinjuku is one of the few places in Tokyo where you can watch a real rakugo show! Rakugo is an entertaining monologue where the comedian tells a story in a funny way. It’s very popular in Osaka and in Suehirotei, you can enjoy this branch of comedy in the heart of Tokyo.

    Suehirotei website

    33. Buy Ingredients from Southeast Asia

    Asian Superstore in Shinjuku sells food and ingredients from Thailand. A lot of the products here, which include tinned food, fresh herbs, jars, and bags, as well as tableware and cooking products.

    Asia Superstore website

    34. Drink Vintage Whisky at Zoetrope

    This small bar has a huge collection of vintage whisky. The bar itself is film-themed and a casual place where you can enjoy different kinds of whisky tasting and a friendly environment. Bring someone who loves scotch and absorb the friendly and intimate atmopshere!

    Zoetrope Tabelog page

    35. Shop for Gadgets at Yodobashi Camera

    Akihabara isn’t the only place to get gadgets and innovative electronics that Japan is famous for! Yodobashi Camera is one of the most well-loved places to get computers, laptops, and computer accessories, video games, cameras and camera accessories, household items, and beauty products. Shop for great deals, souvenirs, and unique items at the main store, which is just a four-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

    Yodobashi Camera website *Japanese only

    36. Eat and Drink on a Budget at Medaka

    This gem of an izakaya is located in central Shinjuku, and is the ideal place for those looking for cheap food and drinks in a big lively place! You can get famously cheap draft beer here, and enjoy dishes with friends which include fried chicken, takoyaki, sashimi, cheesy potatoes, pizza, noodles, and edamame beans. Expect lots of people and lots of laughs!


    37. Enjoy Coffee and Jazz at Dug

    This jazz bar is friendly and relaxing. You can enjoy a dimmed-light atmosphere, jazz music, classic drink options, and sociable locals! This jazz bar is often visited by fans of the writer Haruki Murakami, of which his novel Norwegian Wood, mentions this bar.

    Website *Japanese only

    38. Grab a Healthy Fix at Piman

    If you are looking for a health kick, head over to the popular Piman, which serves a super healthy selection of smoothies and dishes. These include healthy juices, salads, vegetables, and hot dishes. It attracts a young and friendly crowd and will make you feel like you’ve had more than your daily vegetable and fruit recommendation!


    39. Have a Turkish Feast at Bosphorus Hasan


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    There are only a few Turkish restaurants in Tokyo, and this is one of the best ones. Here you can enjoy traditional kebabs, Turkish Pizzas, salads, meat dishes, hummus, and baklava. This restaurant also serves a very good selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes, which is a rarity in most eateries in Tokyo. This restaurant is friendly, popular, and welcoming to all.

    Website *Japanese only

    40. Find a Book at Books Kinokuniya Tokyo

    Famed as one of the best bookstores in Tokyo, especially for foreign language books, this bookstore has a wide selection of books and magazines in multiple languages. Whether you’re looking for fiction, travel, or informative book, you will find a great variety here to choose from!


    41. Visit Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

    This art gallery features contemporary art and celebrates architecture and fashion. This includes fanous Japanese abstract art, fascinating exhibitions, and work by young Japanese artists. This spacious gallery is a great place to spend the day and has surrounding cafes and restaurants to break up the day.

    Website *Automatic Translation available

    42. Enjoy Karaoke

    Shinjuku is a hub for karaoke! There are many different karaoke venues here, one of which is the massive chain venue Shidax (See below for details). Many karaoke venues are open over the night so you can go with friends, and sing to your hearts content all night long!

    Website *Japanese only

    43. Discover the Samurai Museum

    The history and culture of the samurai is unique, and fascinating to many foreign observers. At the popular Samurai Museum, you can see samurai armor, weaponry, and helmets. You can also try on the armor for yourself! There is an awesome gift shop, and information at the museum is also in English language.


    44. Have Fun at Shin Okubo

    Shin-Okubo, also known as Korea Town, is a great little place surrounding Shin-Okubo Station. Here you will find a huge variety of fun and lively Korean restaurants and izakaya’s. You can enjoy Korean dishes such as Korean Barbeque, Korean Sushi, and Bibimbap. There are also some interesting Korean stores to wander around!


    45. Enjoy the Puk Pupa Teatro Puppet Show

    pupa theatre in #tokyo

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    This cute puppet theater, also known as La Pupa Klubo, holds regular fun puppet shows! This family friendly place schedules shows which are suitable for all, and has been doing so since 1929! You can really feel the passion and work that goes into these great shows, and kids and adults alike will really enjoy them!


    46. Visit the Docomo Tower

    The Docomo Tower in Shinjuku, also called NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building, is the fourth tallest building in Tokyo. It dominates the skyline, and visitors can always look to its huge clock at the top to tell the time! Although it is not open to the public, it is surrounded by shops and restaurants and is a great landmark to visit up close.


    47. Eat Like a King at Moyan Curry

    If you’re hungry and in Shinjuku, you won’t be disappointed with Moyan Curry and its huge servings. Moyan has many branches, but its main flagship restaurant is in Shinjuku. The interiors and ethnic and hip, and customers can enjoy a unique selection of traditional and modern curries. This includes the popular avocado curry!


    48. Explore Omoide Yokocho

    Omoide Yokocho, affectionately known as ‘piss alley’, is the ideal area to come on an evening if you want rustic streets with hidden bars, restaurants, and street food. Locals and tourists come here to eat yakitori, fresh delicious seafood, and other Japanese staples, and drink beers whilst making friends with each other! The winding alleys and dimly lit shacks here are perfect for people who want to leave the shopping malls behind for a while.

    Website *Automatic Translation available

    49. Visit Virtual Reality at VR Zone Shinjuku

    VR Zone is what it says on the packet- a venue where you can try VR (virtual reality) gaming in a fun environment. It does tend to get very busy at peak times but you can make reservations on its website (below). It’s great fun for all the family and will leave you feeling dizzy from being immersed into a totally different world for a while. You can also relax with a coffee or some food at its cafe.

    Website *Automatic Translation available

    50. Check Out New York Style Cafe Brooklyn Parlor

    Brooklyn Parlor is one of a kind in Tokyo, and has successfully created a space with the feel of a New York cafe bar. Situated just a five-minute walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station, you can enjoy top-quality coffee, American cuisine, and tempting cocktails. The vibe is cool, relaxed, and sociable.


    51. Enjoy 10 Yen Sushi at No Name Sushi Shop

    This is not a joke. You really can get 10 yen sushi at this sushi bar in Shinjuku. At No Name Sushi Shop, you can enjoy yellowtail sushi for 10 yen a piece. The bar also serves other types of sushi which are pricier than 10 yen, but still very cheap and well worth the money. Although you do have to buy a drink, it is still very cheap, and you can enjoy sushi and beer for under 1000 yen!


    52. Eat Ramen at the Popular Menya Musashi

    Menya Musashi is a popular ramen shop with several branches, one of which is in Shinjuku. This place is likely to have a line of people waiting to get in, but you surely won’t be disappointed with the result at the end. You can slurp freshly made noodles with top-notch pork, tasty broths, and a variety of tempting toppings.


    53. Meet Owls at Cafe HOHO

    Owl Cafes have really increased in number in Tokyo, which is a city known for its animal cafes. At Cafe HOHO, you can choose nice drinks, and simple but tasty dishes and desserts, and relax with these wonderful animals. You are able to pet the owls there, and also have pictures taken with an owl on your arm. The owls are of different sizes and types, and are very cute and friendly!

    *Please note that this cafe has permanently closed.

    54. Explore Shinjuku Gyoen Park

    Shinjuku Gyoen Park is a centerpiece of the area, and one of the most popular city parks in Japan. If you want to escape the crazy business of the city for a while, you can find solace here. It has walking paths, gorgeous gardens, several ponds, and special French and English-style gardens. This park is vast and a great place to reflect or relax.


    55. Catch a Movie at Toho Cinema Shinjuku

    If it’s a rainy day or you are in the mood for a relaxing movie, head to the massive Toho Cinema Shinjuku. You can find all the latest release films here along with special edition films and occasionally nostalgic re-showings of anime films. The seats are very comfortable, and you can opt for Standard 2D, 3D, IMAX, and 4D experiences. There are plenty of snack foods and beverages to choose from, too.

    Website *Japanese only

    56. Get a Cheap Bicycle at Recycle Garden Yoyogi

    At Recycle Garden Yoyogi, you can find all sorts of secondhand goods, but they specialise and are well-known for their impressive selection of secondhand bicycles. If you are visiting Japan for any length of time or live here and are looking for a budget set of wheels, this is the place to come first. You will find city bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes here with a range of brands and prices.

    Website *Japanese only

    57. Take a Trip to Trendy Takadanobaba

    If you are exploring Shinjuku, why not head to the trendy and exciting student neighborhood of Takadanobaba? Fammous for its university nightlife, and often called simply ‘Baba’, you will be sure to find plenty of cheap and fun bars here, along with a decent selection of international restaurants and relaxing cafes!


    58. Visit Waseda University

    The prestigious Waseda University is well worth a visit for its great architecture and buzzing student vibe. The central campus is in Shinjuku and visitors are welcome to walk around the campus and admire the old buildings, parks and green areas, the village-like atmosphere. There are also some great cafes and restaurants to try out!


    59. Discover Akagi Shrine

    The Akagi Shrine is one of the modern shrines in Tokyo, but is still a great place to visit and is popular among locals to come to pray and relax. Representing the modern touch of this Shinto shrine, visitors can relax in the Italian eatery onsite, and browse frequent markets and other events which take place on the grounds of the shrine.

    Website *Japanese only

    60. Visit the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery

    The Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery is beautiful inside and out, and definitely worth a visit. The gallery contains fascinating murals to show the Meiji era, and contains historical paintings and works from famous Japanese artists. The gallery is open from 9 am until 5 pm an costs 500 yen for admittance.


    61. Enjoy Affordable Michelin Starred Food at Kyourakutei Soba

    At the popular Kyourakutei Soba, you get the chance to try some Michelin starred Japanese cuisine, for a price that won’t hurt your wallet! You can sample homemade and exceptional soba noodles, tempura, and a delicious broths and seasonal vegetables. Located close to Lidabashi Station, you may find a line of people waiting, but it is well worth it!


    62. Reflect at Okuma Garden

    The lush Okuma Garden is situated on the premises of Waseda University, and is a great place to relax or have a picnic on a warm day. Incorporating both western and Japanese garden styles, this serene garden is a welcome break from the busy Shinjuku streets.


    63. Eat and Drink at Shinjuku Asia Yokocho

    Asia Yokocho is a buzzing and friendly rooftop restaurant area in the lively Kabukicho area. Here you can savor cuisines from Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Korea, and make friends over beers! The area is filled with different restaurants and many seating areas surrounding it. It’s a great place for a fun evening!

    Website *Japanese only

    64. Visit the Fire Museum

    The Fire Museum in Shinjuku is a must-visit for any fire safety enthusiast or young childn who want to be fire fighters when they grow up! Its exhibits take you on an informative journey of the history of the fire service in Japan, fron the Edo Period onwards. Admission is free, and information is in English, too!


    65. Sample Delicacies at Kappo Nakajima

    Kappo Nakajima is a popular and affordable Michelin starred japanes restaurant, and has been attracting visitors for years. Here you can enjoy beautiful tempura, seafood and fish cooked to perfection, and a traditional and relaxing atmosphere. Be warned that you may have to wait in line as it is usually busy!


    66. Relax in Thermae-Yu

    Thermae-yu is one of the biggest city spa’s in Tokyo. It features outdoor baths, lounge areas, sauna’s, a relaxation salon, massage, and a restaurant and bar. You could easily spend most of your day just relaxing in this serene environment! It is situated in Kabukicho, and is just a nine-minute stroll from Shinjuku Station.

    Website *Automatic translation available

    67. Check out the Kigumi Museum

    Open since 2015, this new museum features exhibits showcasing building works, architecture, wooden structures, and the development of traditional wooden architecture in Japan. If you are interested in how Japan makes its beautiful and unique wooden houses and structures, this is the place to go!

    Website *Japanese only

    68. Stroll around Otome-yama Park

    Otome-yama Park is truely an escape from the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku. It features a lovely stream and plenty of benches, trees, and natural greenery. You can come here for a picnic or with friends, or just to reflect by yourself and get some peace and quiet!

    Website *Japanese only

    69. Check out Yamamoto Coffee

    If you need a morning caffeine hit or an afternoon break, head over to Yamamoto Coffee! You can also purchase coffee beans and coffee making products if you want to take it home with you! This small but charming place is famed for its high quality coffee and knowledgeable staff.

    Website *Japanese only

    70. Sample Chinese Fast Food at Ghifu-ya

    Ghifu-ya is an institution in Shinjuku, and is known for being a late-night, cheap, Chinese shack which pleases many a party goer at weekends after a night out! You can get classic Chinese dishes here such as fried rice and sweet and sour dishes, and are guaranteed a lively atmosphere and a friendly welcome!

    Website *Automatic translation available

    71. Explore Shinjuku Chuo Park

    With a fitness corner, playground for children, benches, greenery, and plenty of space, this city park is perfect for a relaxing afternoon. It has a great jogging path and attracts many locals from the area on nice days.

    Website *Japanese only

    72. Visit the Min-on Music Museum

    This small but quirky music museum features exhibits on the history of music and instruments. It’s free to visit, and there are also various musical performances and special rare instruments to listen to and learn about. Adults and children alike will enjoy the exhibits here.

    Website *Japanese only

    73. Get Spooked at Zucca Bar

    Located in the famous Golden Gai area of Shinjuku, Zucca is a wonderfully quirky halloween-themed bar, tucked away in a small but bustling alley. The small venue is intimate, friendly, and welcoming of foreigners and non-Japanese speakers.

    Website *Japanese only
    Golden Gai Access

    74. Learn about War and Peace at the Women’s Active Museum

    The Women’s Active Museum, known as WAM, features interesting exhibitions covering war and peace, and women’s efforts in Japan to bring about prosperity to the country. There are English guides available and English subtitles for most of the material in the museum. If you have an interest in women’s history, this is the place to visit.


    75. Explore the NS Building

    The skyscraper NS Building is a flashy and interesting center with amazing views over the city, cafes, some great restaurants to choose from, and various shops and boutiques. The views are particularly impressive here, especially at night.

    Website *Japanese only

    76. Fish at the Ichigaya Fish Center

    If you want to do something a little bit different, head to Ichigaya where you will find the Ichigaya Fish Center just under the bridge outside of the station. You can rent your own fishing ger and relax while trying to catch some fish, or watch expert Japanese fisherman do their thing. On a decent day, this can be a very relaxing activity and a way to meet some friendly locals!

    Website *Japanese only

    77. Slurp Tsukemen at Fuunji Ramen

    If you want guaranteed tasty ramen, this is the place to visit. This restaurant is known for their Tsukemen, which is where the broth and the noodles are seperated. Regarded by some as having the best Tsukemen in Tokyo, you will likely have to wait in line, but it is well worth waiting for its fresh, handmade, and original ramen to warm you on a cold day!

    Website *Japanese only

    78. Try Fresh Yakitori at Hajimaya

    Yakitori (grilled chicken) is a cuisine in Japan which you can find just about anywhere, and Shinjuku has plenty of yakitori joints to choose from. One well-known and popular one is Hajimaya. Here you can try some of the freshest chicken in town, liver, gizzards, and countless other parts of the chicken with very tasty sauces to accompany it, as well as side dishes and beverages. It is local food, and has a local feel!

    Website *Japanese only

    79. Enjoy Modern Art at Matchbaco Ken Nakahashi

    Matchbaco Ken Nakahashi is a small, intimate, and contemporary art gallery located just by the Shinjuku Gyoen Entrance. Here you can talk with the owner who speaks English and can tell you about the exhibits and work being presented at the time. The gallery is friendly, and a relaxing break from the busy city.


    80. Eat Amazing Tonkatsu at Katsukura

    Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet), is a standard dish which you can find all around Japan. At the popular Katsukura, you can expect top-quality but reasonably priced tonkatsu. They have an English menu, a very welcoming atmosphere, and you can get free refills of rice so don’t worry if you’re super hungry!


    81. Indulge in Indian Cuisine at Shinjuku Bombay

    If you fancy some Indian food, there are many places in Shinjuku to choose from. Shinjuku Bombay is one of the very good ones, and features all the usual staples for an Indian restaurant such as freshly made Naan breads, curries, thali’s, curry sets, and a very good range of vegetarian dishes. The price is reasonable and they have really good lunch deals!

    *This shop is closed permanently.

    82. Visit the Kimchi Museum

    If you are a fan of kimchi, or even if you’re just intrigued, make your way to the unique Kimchi Museum. It is a small museum but packed inside it are exhibits on how kimchi is made, the history and culture of this Korean staple food, and a great ‘tasting room’ where you can taste different kinds of kimchi. Visitors can also wear traditional Korean robes on their tour!

    Website *Japanese only

    83. Drink with the Locals at Blue Square Bar

    Another institution in the Golden Gai area, Blue Square is a very unique bar which was originally supposed to be an S&M (sado-masachist) shop, but ended up a quirky bar with bras hanging from the ceiling and spiked underwear on the walls. You are sure to meet some characters frequenting this place, none more so than the lovely owner who will welcome you with open arms!

    Golden Gai Access

    84. Spend an Evening at the Park Hyatt Hotel New York Bar

    If you’ve seen the film Lost in Translation, then you will be familiar with the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel, which is featured in the film. Althoigh not cheap, this venue has the most amazing views over the city, live music, exquisite cocktails and liqueurs, and a relaxing atmosphere.


    Shinjuku Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    There are also plenty of things to do that not only include Shinjuku, but other areas too. Check out the following for things to do that cover several areas in one!

    85. Join a Tokyo Pub Crawl


    If you’d like to go drinking during your time in Tokyo, why not join a pub crawl and let the host take care of everything? With so many bars, pubs, clubs and host bars, it can be difficult to know where to go that’s good without being too expensive. On this Tokyo pub crawl, you can enjoy the best drinking places in Shinjuku and meet local people at the same time.

    What’s actually great about this tour is that the host knows some great areas in a lot of places, not only Shinjuku. So if you’d like to see other areas, too, you can adjust the plan to suit you.

    Booking details: Join hidden Izakaya&Sake Pub Crawl Tour in Tokyo

    86. See Popular Places in Tokyo With a Local


    See the best spots of Tokyo all in one day with this private tour. Here you will get to see popular spots such as Ueno Park, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Asakusa, and finish it all off with drinks at a Japanese izakaya (居酒屋) pub. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the link below.

    Booking details: Tour all the popular places in Tokyo with a local!

    87. Have a Night Out in Tokyo


    If you’re up for more than just a few drinks and would like a full Tokyo-style night out, consider booking this guide’s time! You can pick and choose things you’d like to whether it be eating, drinking, visiting certain places or karaoke.

    Booking details: Spend an Exciting Night Out in Tokyo!

    88. Yokohama Port Excursion

    Parked car and Rainbow Bridge at night in Tokyo

    If you are taking the cruise ship to Yokohama, there’s a great tour that picks you up from Yokohama port and shows you round Tokyo in the comfort of a car. If you’re going to be in Yokohama port, consider booking this so you can see the best spots of Shinjuku, Asakusa, Akihabara, Ginza and more with a guide.

    Booking details: Shore excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    89. Enjoy Japanese Dishes with Locals at an Izakaya in Tokyo!


    If you’re not proficient in the local language, it can be easy to stick with restaurants that look tourist and English-friendly; however, are you getting a real local experience? Luckily, in Shibuya you can meet a local person who will take you to a real Japanese pub, called an “izakaya”, recommend dishes you may not have tried before, and show you how ordinary Japanese people party! If you’d like to immerse yourself in the culture while you’re here, check out this tour!

    Booking details: Enjoy Japanese Dishes with Locals at an Izakaya in Tokyo!

    90. Discover Music in Tokyo


    If you’re into Japanese and Korean music, definitely don’t miss out on all the amazing music shops Tokyo has to offer! This tour offers a tour of all the best places across Harajuku and Shin-Okubo, as well as any live events you’re interested in attending.

    Booking details: Music Experience around Tokyo

    91. See Tokyo by Electric Bicycle


    Tokyo’s transportation is efficient and safe, but alternatively, you could consider seeing Tokyo by bicycle! Visit some great places including Shinjuku Gyoen Park, the 2020 Olympics site, and the imperial palace. These bikes are electric bicycles, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the journey and don’t tire yourself. Best of all, a camera will record everything as you go, and you can take your own personal video of Tokyo home with you as a souvenir!

    Booking details: Cycle around Tokyo with an electric bike and a camera

    92. Book a 5-Day Package Guided Tour


    If you’d like to be able to relax and let a guide take care of your entire trip, this package deal is for you. With this deal, you will be transferred from the airport to your hotel (as long as you’re staying in Tokyo), and take you on tours on each day of your trip. These include all the must-see spots in Tokyo such as Tsukiji, Asakusa, the Imperial Palace, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku. On the 4th day, you will also get to visit Hakone for a special day trip. Check out this 5-day tour!

    Booking details: Tokyo Guided Tour – 5 day Affordable Package

    93. Package Tour Including a Tokyo Day Tour


    A complete tour with airport transfer, 3-night hotel accommodation with breakfast, and a walking tour of Tokyo on your second day is also available. Take a look at this tour if you’d like a completely all-inclusive stay in Tokyo.

    Booking details: Enjoy Tokyo in a free & easy package

    94. Try a 5-Day Package Tour with a day trip to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park


    This 5-day tour includes a trip to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park, and a trip to locations such as Harajuku, Odaiba, and Asakusa. An airport transfer is also included.

    Booking details: Discover Tokyo in an affordable 5-day package tour!

    95. See the City on a Half-Day Bus Tour

    Tokyo tour

    You may prefer to see Tokyo by bus so you can enjoy the sights and sit comfortably in between. If this is the case, consider taking a half-day bus tour where you can see the Imperial Palace, Sensoji Temple, Tsukiji Fish Market and more.

    Booking details: Enjoy Half Day Bus Tour Around Best Tourist Spots in Tokyo!

    96. See the Cherry Blossoms in Spring


    You might have heard of Japan’s cherry blossoms, or “sakura”, which are extra special because they only bloom a few weeks out of the year. If you’re visiting Japan in late March or early April, don’t miss this tour of Tokyo’s best sakura spots!

    Booking details: Visit Tokyo’s best sakura (cherry blossom) spots!

    97. Try Out Some of Tokyo’s Recommended Restaurants

    Japanese SOBA noodle

    Want to try some great food in the city but you’re not sure which places are good to go? This affordable option lets a local recommend their favorite places based on what you’d like to eat. They will also book a table for you if you’d like. Check it out.

    Booking details: Restaurant Reservation with Recommended Dishes

    98. See all of West Tokyo in One Day


    Finally, you can select a tour that covers all the best spots on the west side of Tokyo, including Ikebukuro, the Korean town of Shin-Okubo, Shinjuku (including a city view from the Government Building), Yoyogi Park, and more.

    Booking details: Discover the essentials of Tokyo’s western side, 1-day tour

    If you need transportation from Haneda Airport to Tokyo, consider taking the pre-booked shuttle service. If you take a cruise to Yokohama Port, there is also transportation to Tokyo from there.

    Train and subway is the easiest way to get around in Tokyo, so don’t forget to purchase a prepaid travel card to make your travels easier. Shinjuku is packed with fun things to do that you’re sure to never forget. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a fantastic time!

    For more things to do in other areas, check this list out!
    Would you like to stay in Shinjuku? Check out all the hotels in the area here!

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