Cheaper and Less Crowded than Disney: YOMIURI LAND

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  • If you have ever been to any Disney Land location on the wrong date, you will find yourself queuing up for the rides for one, maybe even three hours. Who wants to wait that long to get on a ride? Of course, everybody loves Disney Land and it is one of the most amazing places to visit, but if you are in Japan, there is another great place that you should visit: Yomiuri Land!

    At Yomiuri Land, you will find a large range of children’s rides to scream worthy roller coasters. In the summer, there is a pool that has a water slide.

    The Bandit

    The Bandit speeds through the beautiful hills and forest of Yomiuri Land with turbulent up downs and turns. The ride is 1560 meters long and it reaches 110km/hr at its fastest point. You can even see the cityscape of Shinjuku from the highest point of the Bandit. In 1990, it was ranked as the 24th best roller coaster in the world by Inside Track Magazine.

    Loopcoaster MOMOnGA

    The MOMOnGA has two types of trains: a standing train and a sitting train. It is the first standing roller coaster in Japan. You fall 25 meters and complete a loop-de-loop at the bottom. Will you be brave enough to endure the 360?!

    Looping Starship

    Have you ever been on a gondola ride? Well, you will find yourself hanging from the sky on this starship ride! Are you up for it?!

    Water Amusement Island (WAI)

    Water Amusement Island consists of 5 pools and 3 water slides. A wave pool, swimming pool, a lazy river, a diving pool and an Anpanman pool. The pool opens in July and you can check the pricing as follows:

    If you ever have the chance to visit Japan, please try and visit Yomiuri Land! It will be totally worth it!