Give Your Loved Ones a Bouquet of Caramel Bonbons from NOAKE TOKYO

  • Valentine’s Day and White Day may have already passed, but when would somebody not appreciate a special chocolate present, right? NOAKE TOKYO offers various types of one-of-a-kind sweets, such as their special bonbon bouquet, perfect to give out as gifts.


    NOAKE TOKYO’s pastry chef is a man who spent 15 years of his life creating French sweets. The shop itself started off as a street wagon and as a joint enterprise between two pastry chefs.

    NOAKE TOKYO has four locations in Tokyo – Manseibashi (万世橋), Tokyo Station (東京駅), Ginza (銀座), and Asakusa (浅草). The one in Asakusa is the main store and is the only location with an eat-in space. It is located 10 minutes away from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (東京メトロ銀座線). To see the complete list of its branches and their addresses, check here (Japanese only).

    Les Bonbons Caramel Bouquet

    NOAKE TOKYO’s Les Bonbons Caramel Bouquet is made with fruit flavored bonbons. There are eight flavors: strawberry & framboise (raspberry), apricot, banana & allspice, passion fruit, griotte cherry & rose, blueberry & Calpis, lemon & milk, and pear & honey. Each bonbon is made by taking the purée of each fruit and heating it until it has a caramel-like texture.

    The default is a bouquet of 10 bonbons, but you can make orders for bouquets from anywhere between 3 bonbons (780 yen) and 30 bonbons (7,600 yen). These bonbon treats are perfect for any season, so why not grab one as a gift for yourself, a friend, or a family member?

    Pound Cakes

    While the most popular item from NOAKE TOKYO is their Les Bonbons Caramel Bouquet, they have a wide range of other sweets and baked items available as take-home items or to eat in store at the cafe space. One of the most popular eat-in items is their seasonal pound cakes. There is an assortment of nearly 10 flavors that vary according to the season. Here are some of them:

    Le cake fraise (2,160 yen)
    The Le cake fraise is an almond flavored pound cake that has meringue mixed in, creating a fluffy texture. It has a sour yet sweet homemade strawberry compote on top.

    Le cake abricot (2,050 yen)
    The Le cake abricot has an almond flavored pound cake base mixed with a homemade apricot paste and vanilla. You can enjoy the taste of each ingredient in this simple yet absolutely delicious pound cake.

    Le caramel aux bananes (2,160 yen)
    The Le caramel aux bananes is a very rich and dense pound cake that has a caramel base with sautéed bananas mixed in. This pound cake takes banana bread to the next level.

    Other Products

    NOAKE also offers a wide range of baked sweets such as madeleines, financiers, fondant chocolats, buttercream sandwiches, and legume sables. These items are all perfect as gifts not only because of their deliciousness but also because of their simple yet beautiful wrapping. They come in a myriad of sizes so you are sure to find the right kind of gift you are looking for.

    Most of NOAKE TOKYO’s items are also available online, so if you cannot make it to any of their locations but would still like to try their desserts, better check out their online store.

    If you are looking for some high-quality French sweets, NOAKE TOKYO is the place for you! If you are thinking of sending someone a bouquet, why not try a bouquet made of chocolate for a change?

    NOAKE TOKYO Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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