4 Most Loved Home–Cooked Japanese Moms’ dishes

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  • The well known Japanese food such as Sushi, Tempura and Ramen aren’t actually eaten at home by Japanese families (well at least not daily). These foods are commonly eaten at the restaurants. So, what do the Japanese people eat at home?
    Home-cooked meals are called “Ofukuro no aji” which literally means “Mom’s Taste”. Read on to find out what the Japanese love to eat at home.


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    This is the most popular “Ofukuro no aji” in Japan. “Niku” means meat and “Jaga” (Jagaimo to be exact) means potato. It is a Japanese style stewed dish that is simmered in the Japanese seasonings made from soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar. Japanese people love eating Niku-Jaga, especially in winter, as it is a comfort food that keeps as you warm .


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    Teriyaki is famous aboard, but I believe Shogayaki is more popular in Japan. “Shoga” means ginger and “Yaki” means grilled. In this dish, pork is grilled with Japanese seasonings of soy sauce, sake, mirin, and ginger. Shogayaki is not as sweet as Teriyaki and ginger flavored sauce goes very well with the steamed rice. It is a very simple but very delicious dish.


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    “Saba” means mackerel. Sabano-misoni is mackerel simmered in Miso. Miso is not only the Miso soup ingredient, it is also used in many different recipes. Sabano-misoni is the one of the most popular dishes cooked with Miso. If you don’t like raw fish, you will love this.


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    As you know, Miso soup is one of the most famous Japanese foods. But do you know that Miso soup has many different types. Among them, Ton-jiru is the most popular, it is made with pork and many vegetables.

    These 4 dishes are surely loved and are often cooked at home in Japan.
    There’s nothing better than “ofukuro no aji” (mom’s taste)! Do you agree?
    Of course, you can find them at some restaurants in Japan as well. If you find any of these dishes on a Menu, – try it, you will love it!