6 Weird and Wacky Vending Machines to Find on Your Travels in Tokyo

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  • Nowadays, the existence of vending machines really does make life that little bit more convenient. The majority of vending machines in the world usually sell drinks and sodas, while in Japan, they have a number of weird and wacky vending machines.

    1. Banana Vending Machine

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    Bananas are the most convenient fruit, as you can eat it quickly with minimal mess. So, because of that, Dole Japan unveiled the nation’s first banana vending machine where you can buy a banana for 130 yen each, or 390 yen for a bunch. You can find this vending machine at Shibuya Station, by exit number 3 on the first basement floor.

    2. Apple Vending Machine

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    After finding the banana vending machine in Japan, you can look for the apple vending machine at Kasumigaseki Station, which is close to exits B1 and B3.

    3. Rice Vending Machine

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    Out of all the odd Japanese vending machines, the ones that sell rice is really cool! You don’t even need to go to the Supermarket to buy rice anymore. These can be found throughout residential areas.

    4. T-shirt Vending Machine

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    You can find this vending machine in front of the Disk Union and Recofan shops in Shimokitazawa. You can buy a T-shirt for 1,800 yen. There is also a t-shirt vending machine at Uniqlo in Harajuku.

    5. Cup Noodle Vending Machine

    Nissin is the most popular cup noodle brand in Japan and is no wonder they also have their famous cup noodles in a vending machine too.

    6. Natto Vending Machine

    You can find this vending machine at the west exit of Ikejiri Ohashi Station. It stands outside the Yamanashi-born specialty shop, Natto Kobo Sendaiya. You can buy a pack of four Natto boxes for 230 yen.

    I hope you enjoy using some, if not all, of these weird and wacky vending machines on your travels throughout Tokyo. Enjoy!

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