Try Unique Variations of Bread Rolls at This Specialty Cafe in Nagoya

  • The coppe-pan (コッペパン), a kind of bread roll that pretty much resembles a hot dog bun, has been part of the Japanese food culture ever since World War II. Interestingly, a cafe in Nagoya specializes in offering a modern twist on coppe-pan by providing a variety of different flavors. Check it out!


    PINE FIELDS MARKET (PFM) opened in January of 2016. It is a 6-minute walk from the Osu Kannon Station (大須観音駅) in Nagoya City (名古屋市) and opens every day at 7 AM, making it the perfect spot to stop by before heading off to school or work. The interior of the shop/cafe is similar to that of a food market in America.


    The most popular item on PFM’s menu, of course, is their coppe-pan sandwiches which are made upon order. Due to the extremely simple nature of the buns, the skills and quality of ingredients used to make the buns themselves become extremely important. The buns from PFM are combined with a traditional and unique variation of homemade fillings. Each coppe-pan sandwich is made upon order with the ingredients of your choice, so while it may take a bit of time at busy hours, the wait is totally worth it.

    There are constantly over 20 different items that you can choose from and freely combine into your very own sandwich. The bun itself is 100 yen each, while the ingredients have their own respective prices. Some examples of the available ingredients are eggs, potato salad, ham & cheese, tuna, carrot cream cheese, sausage, chicken honey mustard, fish fries, ham cutlets, peanut butter, Nutella, red bean paste, sweetened condensed milk, and cinnamon apple.

    As you can see, there is a wide variation of things to choose from, including both sweet and savory items. It will probably take more than a few visits to try all of the flavors you find intriguing, but I am sure they will be delicious. I highly recommend trying a different kind each time you visit.

    While you could eat these buns on the go, you can always rest and eat in the cafe. The coppe-pan sandwiches match the coffee available in store perfectly.


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    ちょっとちょっと…これはなんだか…スゴイです。けっこう本気で感動わたし、ここ最近で一番くらい、感動しています。感服?名古屋に新しくできた「伝説になっていくだろう場所」に行ってきました。ずーーっと気にしていたけどなかなか、寄る時間がつくれなかった。「オープンおめでとうございます!」がやっと言えた!久しぶりのカッコよすぎる皆様に会ってこれからの話、新しい展開を聞きました。ほんとうに、スゴイなぁカッコいいなぁ、応援します!な気持ちになりました。みんながアメリカへ行く前に、来れてよかった。さ、私も頑張らなくっちゃ。長野へ向かいます。 #WANDERLUSTJapan had a great time at #PINEFIELDMARKET #CULTURECLUB and #SIMWORKS in #Nagoya city. #wanderlustmako

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    PFM offers originally blended coffee made from coffee beans from Ethiopia. The fruity fragrance of the beans adds a nice touch to the sandwiches. While the coffee would go nicely with any kind of sandwich, it may be especially delicious to drink it along with a dessert-based bun, such as the apple cinnamon or the red bean paste.

    Other Baked Goods and Sweets

    Apart from the coppe-pan sandwiches, PFM has a large assortment of sweets as well. The baked sweets are made in store every morning, so they are extremely fresh and made without preservatives. Their assortment of items include muffins, lemon cake, rum raisin cake, cheesecake, American cookies, chocolate macadamia nuts, PFM cookies, chocolate cookies, and cake.

    There is always a different assortment of items in the store, so be sure to visit to see what kind of seasonal baked goods are available!

    If you are in the Nagoya area and would like to try a bite of the Japanese coppe-pan culture, be sure to visit PINE FIELDS MARKET. I am sure you will be able to find your favorite combination of ingredients with your bread bun!


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