Have an Affordable yet Comfortable Stay at These 3 Guesthouses in Kanazawa

  • Kanazawa (金沢) is the prefectural capital of Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県). Though it is remotely located, it provides interesting historical and cultural places to visit. It is popular for seafood and other high-quality delicious cuisines. If you’re a tourist who is interested in visiting the place, let me show you three affordable guesthouses which can comfortably accommodate your stay.

    1. Guest House Pongyi

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    Pongyi is the oldest guesthouse in Kanazawa and its cozy space can only accommodate up to 10 persons. There are dormitory style rooms with beds and shared bathrooms and private rooms for those who value their privacy more than affordability. Staying in this place is like immersing yourself in the culture of Japan and you will be provided with the necessary items you need for your stay.

    Private rooms are good for two persons and cost 7,000 yen per night. For the dormitory style rooms, a one-night stay costs 2,600 yen. Dorm beds are equipped with a curtain, a reading light, and a power outlet. These room prices include a 100-yen donation to aid children in Asia.

    This is an ideal place for a short-term stay or budget travelers who are interested in learning the Japanese culture such as origami, calligraphy, and tea ceremony. Activities in relation to these are also provided in the guesthouse.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    2. Guesthouse Ochakare (おちゃかれ)

    Ochakare is a newly built guesthouse which offers the highest possible comfort among all guesthouses in the area. The rooms’ interiors are beautiful and spotless. They are very stylish and have kitchens and high-tech toilets. The design has been well thought out of by a Japanese architect.

    However, there are only five rooms available so you have to make an advance reservation as this place is quite popular among foreign tourists. The dormitory room costs 2,000 yen per night, while the Japanese room costs 6,000 yen per night. If you’re looking for an extremely comfortable and stylish place to stay, you should choose this guesthouse.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    3. AKATSUKIYA (あかつき屋)

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    This guesthouse has quite a history before it started accepting guests in 2010. It used to be an 80-year-old machiya-style residence and was regarded as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan in 2012.

    This place enables you to experience the old charms of Kanazawa. It is located near Kenroku-en Garden (兼六園), a famous landscape garden in the area. Most guests are satisfied with their stay here as it is highly rated. If you’re looking for an accommodation when touring around Kanazawa, this place is a great option.

    A one-night stay in AKATSUKIYA costs 7,000 yen. This can accommodate 2 to 3 persons. Discounts are offered to guests who stay for three nights or longer. Check-in time is at 4 PM, while check-out time is at 10 AM. Remember, however, that you have to pay by cash as credit cards are not accepted here.

    AKATSUKIYA Website

    Even if you’re on a budget, you don’t need to put comfort aside when you travel. Always choose guesthouses if you would like to stay longer or if you’re conscious about affordability. Don’t forget to check out these guesthouses in Kanazawa if you ever happen to visit the historical place. You won’t regret it!

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