Munch on 8 Different Organic Burgers at This Burger Shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

  • Are you looking for some delicious homemade burgers? If so, Jiyugaoka Burger (自由が丘バーガー) is the perfect place for you to visit! This restaurant has become increasingly popular due to their healthy and good-tasting ingredients. Let’s find out more about it and its burgers!

    Jiyugaoka Burger

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    Jiyugaoka Burger is located five minutes away from the Jiyugaoka Station (自由が丘駅) on the Tokyu Toyoko Line (東急東横線). The shop is an environment filled with greens and sunlight due to its half-terrace design. All of their tables are made from wood, making it feel like you are at camp in the woods.


    There are eight types of burgers available, each in a small size or a regular size. Most of the ingredients used in these burgers are organic and most definitely grown in Japan. The vegetables are extremely healthy and fresh. Each patty, made from 100% Japanese beef, is made upon order so it takes about 15 minutes for your burger to be made. The patty is placed between fragrant sesame seed buns. The burgers come with a side dish of potato fries, but these fries are not your usual shoestring fries. These special fries are made from potatoes brought in from an organic farm in Hokkaido (北海道). The potatoes are kept close to their original round form and are more like small baked potatoes than french fries. The outside is extremely crispy while the center is warm and soft. The potatoes come with ketchup, but the rock salt sprinkled onto the potatoes alone is enough to enjoy the flavor of the potatoes.

    1. Jiyugaoka Burger

    (Regular: 1,320 yen / Small: 1,020 yen)
    The Jiyugaoka Burger consists of a roasted onion, tomato, lettuce, and pickles. This staple burger goes perfectly with Jiyugaoka Burger’s homemade mustard.

    2. Cheese Burger

    (Regular: 1,520 yen / Small: 1,220 yen)
    The Cheese Burger is the Jiyugaoka Burger with a special mix of cheeses.

    3. Chili Burger

    (Regular: 1,630 yen / Small: 1,330 yen)
    The Chili Burger is the Jiyugaoka Burger with an original chili on top. As it is not too spicy on its own, for anyone who is looking for something spicier, it is recommended that you have jalapeños placed on top!

    4. Chili Cheese Burger

    (Regular: 1,830 yen / Small: 1,530 yen)
    The Chili Cheese Burger is a combination of the Chili Burger and the Cheese Burger. This extremely popular item is perfect if you have some honey placed on top.

    5. Guacamole Burger

    (Regular: 1,690 yen / Small: 1,390 yen)
    One of the most popular burgers on Jiyugaoka Burger’s menu is their Guacamole Burger. Although I’m sure most people know, guacamole is an amazing Mexican dip made from avocados. You can add some cilantro and a dash of lime to the burger to enjoy another variation of flavors.

    6. Bacon Egg Burger

    (Regular: 1,800 yen / Small: 1,500 yen)
    The Bacon Egg Burger is topped with an egg cooked to your choice and a crispy piece of bacon.

    7. La Vie En Rose Burger

    (Regular: 1,670 yen / Small: 1,370 yen)
    The unique La Vie En Rose Burger is an all around pink burger that is made up of honey, onion, sunny lettuce, crispy bacon, pink pepper, and black currant mustard. The bun on this burger is made with walnut and rye.

    8. Classic Burger

    (Regular: 1,200 yen / Small: 900 yen)
    The Classic Burger is the Jiyugaoka Burger without any of the vegetables so it is recommended for children who do not like vegetables, or for anyone who wants to enjoy the flavor of the meat itself.

    If you are looking for a filling burger meal made from organic vegetables and Japanese beef, Jiyugaoka Burger is the place for you! If you are too far from the Jiyugaoka area, you can also check out their shop at the Haneda Airport (羽田空港) if you are passing by the Kanto (関東) area.

    Jiyugaoka Burger Website

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