Would You Like to Live in This Tiny House? The MUJI Hut Is Now for Sale in Japan!

  • MUJI (無印良品) is popular for its minimalist products. They are known for focusing on sleek designs – from stationery to furniture. And now, they have expanded into building actual homes that adhere to the concept of minimalism. These are tiny homes called the “MUJI Hut (ムジハット).” It can be placed anywhere you’d like to live; be it in the mountains, by the riverside, near a garden, etc. Let’s check out the concept behind the MUJI Hut!

    MUJI Hut

    The MUJI Hut’s floor area is around 9 square meters. There is just a small space inside which can accommodate up to four people. However, it is ideal for singles and couples. It may be small but it looks spacious due to the natural light coming from the sliding door and window. It is also sturdy and can face natural elements due to its interior made of burned hardwood.

    The MUJI Hut’s interior can be customized to anyone’s liking. It has an external patio extension which gives it a nice foundation. The outer walls of the house have been made through the process of “yakisugi (焼杉),” a traditional Japanese way of preserving wood by charring it. This process gives the wood an artistic and unique finish and can also improve its durability.

    The MUJI Hut can be used as a holiday home for people who’d like to go on vacation. Just make sure that there are nearby facilities in your area as the hut doesn’t have a bathroom.

    How do you buy the MUJI Hut?

    The huts will be finally available for sale! They are going to be initially available in conjunction with the Japanese company, WOULD (ウッド).

    The MUJI Hut project is going to be located around the Shirahama (白浜) school building. Each of the huts will have its own garden. People who will be living in the huts can avail of the facilities in the main school building. However, they will need to pay a one-time 500,000-yen fee to cover the costs and an admission fee of 15,000 yen per month.

    It is said that the MUJI Huts are going to be sold this autumn 2017 in Japan at 3 million yen. This price includes the construction cost. As of the moment, the huts are going to be available to customers in Japan only and there are no future plans yet for customers abroad.

    If you’re interested in purchasing a MUJI Hut or simply having a look, you can go to Shirahama School House (シラハマ校舎) from April 29 to May 7, 2017. Tours will be done in batches of 10 persons per group at 10 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. Note, however, that you have to apply in advance online via this link (Japanese only).

    These tiny MUJI Huts will give you the dream destination you’ve always wanted without the fuss of spending much on hotels. It can also be used as a full-time home if you like. It naturally blends with the environment which invites you to a whole new life!

    MUJI Hut Website

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