Take Part in the Top 5 Sunflower Festivals of Japan This Summer!

  • Japan’s seasonal flower festivals attract thousands of tourists each year. If you are looking to appreciate nature’s beauty while in the country, don’t miss these five sunflower festivals this summer!

    1. Akeno Sunflower Festival (あけのひまわりフェスティバル)

    Over 600,000 sunflowers welcome visitors at the Akeno Sunflower Field (明野のひまわり畑) during the annual Akeno Sunflower Festival in Hokuto City (北杜市) in Yamanashi Prefecture (山梨県). The sheer number of the sunflowers coupled with the majestic mountains that surround Yamanashi create a spectacular view anyone would love to capture. Join the photography contest or shop for local products sold during the festival.

    To reach the Akeno Sunflower Field, take the Mizugaki (みずがき) Line Bus from the JR Nirasaki Station (韮崎駅). Get off at the Heidi-no-Mura Kurara-kan (ハイジの村クララ館) stop after a 25-minute ride and walk for five more minutes to the field. By car, going to the venue will take a 20-minute drive from the JR Nirasaki Station.

    Hokuto City Website

    2. Zama Sunflower Festival (座間 ひまわりまつり)

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    An awesome evening glow appeared over the Kurihara #sunflower field in Zama city, where 100,000 early bloomers come into full flower by early August. The other field in the city, Zama sunflower field has 450,000 sunflowers which bloom from mid through late August. The Sunflower Festival at Zama Sunflower Field is scheduled for August 8 through August 15 in 2018. . Location: #Zama #Kanagawa Photo by @hitomi_pleinelune . We introduce you to a photo of Japan posted with "#visitjapanjp" and its location. . #神奈川 #座間 #座間ひまわりまつり #sunflowerfield #flowers #blossom #landscape #landscapephotography #visitjapan #ilovejapan #Japan #photo #explore #discover #travel #traveling #travelgram #instatravel #travelpic #doyoutravel #japantrip #instagood Follow: @visitjapanjp

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    With sunflowers as its official flower, Zama City (座間市) in Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県) celebrates the Zama Sunflower Festival. More than 550,000 sunflowers bloom during this two-part festival. In July, the festival is held at Kurihara (栗原) and in August, the festival is held at Zama. Various sunflower products such as sunflower pasta, crackers, and beverages are sold during the festival.

    Kurihara is accessible by bus or taxi from Sobudai-mae Station (相武台前駅), while Zama is a 20-minute walk from the JR Sobudaishita Station (相武台下駅) or a 25-minute walk from the JR Iriya Station (入谷駅).

    Zama City Website *Japanese only
    Access: Kurihara / Zama

    3. Sera Kogen Farm Sunflower Festival (世羅高原農場 ひまわりまつり)

    The town of Sera (世羅町) in Hiroshima Prefecture (広島県) is home to many flower parks and gardens where different flowers bloom each season. More than a million sunflowers of 50 varieties fill the Sera Kogen Farm during summer. The farm is also popular for its Tulip Festival (チューリップ祭) in spring.

    To enter the farm, there is an admission fee of 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for children.

    Travel time to Sera Kogen Farm from Hiroshima Station (広島駅) can take approximately 1 hour and 26 minutes. Take the JR Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen (東海道、山陽新幹線) to Shin-Onomichi Station (新尾道駅), then take a taxi to the farm.

    Sera Kogen Farm Sunflower Festival Website

    4. Naka Sunflower Festival (なかひまわりフェスティバル)

    Go through the sunflower maze at the Naka Multipurpose Park (那珂総合公園) in Naka City (那珂市), Ibaraki Prefecture (茨城県) during this festival! Around 250,000 sunflowers bloom to fill up the field. There are also stage events, stalls, and even a fireworks display to make the festival more lively for the visitors.

    The Naka Multipurpose Park is a 15-minute drive from the Joban Expressway Naka IC (常磐自動車道 那珂IC).

    Naka Sunflower Festival Website *Automatic translation available

    5. Hokuryu Sunflower Festival (北竜町ひまわりまつり)

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    Considered as the largest sunflower field with around 1.5 million sunflowers, Himawari no Sato (ひまわりの里) in Hokuryu (北竜町), Hokkaido (北海道) also hosts its own sunflower festival annually. This year’s festival is scheduled for July 14 to August 19, 2018. Visitors can enjoy the sunflower maze, fireworks display, and other events during the festival.

    Access to Himawari no Sato is a 40-minute bus ride through the Hokkaido Chuo Bus (北海道中央バス) bound for the JR Takikawa Station (滝川駅). Get off at Hokuryu Chugakko Mae (北竜中学校) and take a 3-minute walk towards the field.

    Hokuryu Sunflower Festival 2018 Website *Japanese only

    Fall in love with the sunflowers of Japan and make your summer extra special by taking part in these five sunflower festivals!

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