Wear sushi on your feet!

  • Sushi Socks

    You probably know about sushi! Or maybe you have been eating it ?
    This food is traditional Japanese cuisine made of rice with raw seafood placed on it.
    Today people have became innovative and creative enough to make something with similiar appearance but with a completely different function. One of them is Sushi Socks.
    The socks are made in resemblance to variety of sushi, there are ones with shrimp pattern, octopus pattern, red caviar, tuna, salmon and more. Well, just take a look at some sushi socks below that its detail is knitted into the socks with colored thread.

    Masuzushi Socks

    Trout pattern on the socks from ankle to the top. The bottom is white resembling rice. With this neat design, you can fascinate your friends!

    Shrimp Sushi Socks

    Shrimp pattern socks. The look delicious enough to eat them!

    Octopus Sushi Socks

    Reddish purple socks with white spots look like octopus tentacles.

    Tuna Sushi Socks

    Sides are dark red with a little of white make a sushi tuna meat pattern.

    Salmon Sushi Socks

    Salmon pattern knit. This would look great with red clothes too!

    Egg Sushi Socks

    Socks with egg pattern. Black strip on it looks like seaweed.

    These sushi socks are good to wear in your daily life or to keep you warm when sleeping on the cold nights.

    Important Info
    There is a difference between knitted and painted or printed socks. Socks that have pattern knitted on it will be more comfortable and durable when you wash it again and again. When with printed socks, the pattern will disappear after you wash it several times.

    Are you interested in these patterned socks ? You can find it in gift shops or buy it on internet and ship it abroad.
    You can buy it on Tokyo Otaku Mode for around $5.39 a pair.

    Tokyo Otaku Mode website