Japanese Most Loved Sweets to Get at Tokyo Station

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  • In Japan, people love to buy good quality sweets/snacks for their friends, family and also themselves. Therefore new sweets and snacks always appear in Japan, but the most popular sweets and snacks always stay the same. Here are the most loved Japanese snacks over long time. When you are in Japan, please give it a try!

    Tokyo Banana

    Tokyo Banana (東京バナナ) is the most famous and popular sweet souvenir from Tokyo. It has been the Japanese’s favourite for a long time. Sponge cake is wrapped around smashed banana mixed with creamy custard cream, the taste is rich and delicious.
    This company also makes another type of tweets. Whatever you eat, they are all delicious.

    Nihonbashi- Nishikihourin Karinto

    Karinto is a traditional Japanese snack which is deep fried and coated in sugar. You can find Karinto in almost all the grocery and convenient stores, but if you want to try a special Karinto, Nihonbashi-Nishikihourin(日本橋錦豊林)is the best. This company makes very delicious crispy Karintos in many different types of flavors such as honey, cheese, wasabi, ginger and many more.

    Nenrinya Baumkuchen

    Actually, Baumkuchen is a German cake, but it is very popular in Japan too. Nenrinya(ねんりん家) company makes green tea and cherry blossom flavored Baumkuchen. Probably you can eat these Baumkuchen only in Japan. Of course, it is very good and goes well with tea. If you love green tea, you will love this cake too.


    YOKU MOKU (ヨックモック)is a company which makes amazingly delicious cookies. Especially cigaret rolls (pictured above), which is the most popular. It has buttery taste, is very light and melts in your mouth.

    You can buy these sweets at Tokyo station, Tokyo airport or Department stores.
    There are many other delicious and well-designed sweets in Japan, I hope you will find your favourite one!