Heading to Fukui? Here Are the Top 7 Souvenirs to Take Home!

  • When going on a trip, one question that is always at the back of one’s head would be, “What are the best souvenirs to bring back home?” Shopping for souvenirs is an activity that some people may thoroughly enjoy, while some may find stressful and time-consuming; which is why it is particularly helpful if you do some research first before you leave for your trip.

    This article lists seven items you can buy as souvenirs when you visit Fukui (福井), a prefecture on Japan’s Honshu Island (本州), located in the Chubu region (中部地方). Like other prefectures in Japan, Fukui has its own share of tourist attractions such as the Tojinbo Cliffs (東尋坊) and the Eiheiji Temple (永平寺). The cuisine in Fukui is delicious, too, with a variety of seafood coming from the Sea of Japan.

    1. Hakkutsu Baum (はっくつバウム – Fossil Excavation Baumkuchen)

    Baumkuchen is a German variety of spit cake that is considered as a very popular dessert in Japan. Baumkuchen is German for “tree cake,” and this name was given because the rings on the cake look like tree rings. Fukui offers a square-shaped Baumkuchen with dinosaur designs on it as the prefecture is known for its Dinosaur Museum (恐竜博物館).

    2. Kaki no Chaya (柿の茶屋 – Persimmon Cake)

    Persimmons from Imajo, Fukui are used in making this delicious dessert. Along with persimmons, this cake is also made by adding yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit. Kaki no chaya is the perfect souvenir for someone who likes a balance between sweet and sour food.

    3. Fukui Ume Castella (福井梅かすてら – Fukui Plum Castella)

    Castella is the Japanese version of a sponge cake. Plums harvested from Oi (おおい町), Fukui is the main ingredient for this castella. This dessert is well-enjoyed with a cup of tea.

    4. Pickled shallots

    These shallots are called “rakkyo (らっきょ).” They are grown in Sanrihama (三里浜), Fukui for three years before they are harvested and pickled in sweet vinegar.

    5. BAIJO Plum Wine (BAIJO梅酒)

    Fukui has over 38 Japanese sake breweries, each having different recipes of their own. One of their specialties is the BAIJO (梅丈) plum wine which is produced in the Wakasa (若狭) region. This wine is made with no flavoring agents, acidifiers, and food coloring.

    6. Fukui Katsuki Chopsticks (福井かつき箸)

    These chopsticks are made from pure titanium and are produced by an eyewear manufacturer. They are perfectly safe to use and they come in two varieties: the lustrous and lustreless type. The former has a mirror surface-like finish, while the latter is finished using a sandblasting method.

    7. Eico Series (Eicoシリーズ)

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    These are just some of the souvenirs you can purchase while you are visiting Fukui. There are a whole lot more things you can buy from there. You can try visiting Fukui’s tourism website for more ideas and more information about the prefecture. I hope you enjoy your trip to Fukui!

    Fukui Tourism Guide Website

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