Play as a Hero and Impress Your Girlfriend at This Amusement Park in Osaka!

  • Hirakata Park (ひらかたパーク) in Osaka (大阪) is considered as one of the most popular and oldest theme parks in Japan. It opened in 1910 and has continuously competed with several other amusement parks in the country such as Universal Studios Japan (ユニバーサルスタジオジャパン), Tokyo Disneyland (東京ディズニーランド) and DisneySea (ディズニーシー), and Sanrio Puroland (サンリオピューロランド). It managed to remain open until today with several attractions and services. Recently, it introduced the “Flash Mob” service, which allows visitors to look and feel like a hero by playing out scenes with park employees. This is probably more fun than waiting in line for a roller coaster!

    Hirakata Park

    Hirakata Park is situated in a hilly landscape with an area of 160,000 square meters. It offers 45 attractions which visitors can enjoy. These include roller coaster rides such as Elf (木製コースターエルフ) and Red Falcon (レッドファルコン). Other attractions include Giant Drop Meteor (ジャイアントドロップ メテオ), Uncle Frodo no Korottorokko (アンクルフロドのころっとろっこ), Wave Swinger (ウェーブスインガー), Kite Flier (カイトフライヤー), Sky Walker (スカイウォーカー), Gnome Train (ノームトレイン), Fantasy Cruise (ファンタジークルーズ), Hairpin Coaster Crazy Mouse (ヘアピンコースター クレージーマウス), and many more! Just like other theme parks, some rides have restrictions on age and height.

    Park entry and an all-access pass cost 4,400 yen for adults, 3,800 yen for elementary students, and 2,600 yen for 2-year-olds to preschoolers. These prices include consumption tax. If you have a car and wish to bring it with you, you have to pay the parking fee.

    Flash Mob “SANMON-SHIBAI” (フラッシュモブ『三文芝居』)

    The Flash Mob “SANMON-SHIBAI” service (Japanese only) will allow interested park visitors to look like a hero in front of their girlfriend and/or the public. All they have to do is apply for a time slot via this application page (Japanese only).

    There are four different scenarios to choose from:

    1. The first scenario is playing hero or protector. Your beloved will be attacked by a group of thugs, then you’ll be there to protect and save her.
    2. The second scenario is about a bomb threat where you have to do something to stop the bomb from exploding.
    3. In the third scenario, a member of the opposite sex will crash towards you. You’ll bump into each other and switch bodies, which will lead you to fall in love just like the popular animated movie, Your Name (君の名は。).
    4. The fourth scenario is an emergency where you’ll act as a savior by donating your blood. You are the only hope!

    Remember, though, that you have to do a little bit of acting if you participate in this as people will be watching you. It will be a secret hidden from your girlfriend and everyone you’ve tagged along in the park. Everything should come out as a fun surprise! Don’t worry, the park employees will be helping you out. The start time of this event is at 1 PM on weekends and will only be available from May 13 to June 25, 2017.

    If you feel like the usual theme park attractions bore you, you should apply for this Flash Mob service! It will absolutely be a surprise of a lifetime. It is not intended to be a serious form of acting but a fun twist. Head now to Hirakata Park and participate in the event!

    Hirakata Park Website

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