Ai No Ya Tei, the Eel Restaurant in Tokyo!

  • Grilled Eels

    Have you ever tried the eels? Do you even know what an eel is? Many people don’t like it, however we highly recommend you to try them, because if you happen to like the taste, you would have missed an excellent dish!

    As shown on the picture, you can see that an eel is an elongated fish. It is commonly hiding under the sand to hunt its prey, that’s why eels are considered to be predators.


    If you feel like it or you would want to try that fish, I would like to recommend you a great restaurant that serves excellent eels. This restaurant is located in Tokyo Prefecture, more precisely in Kamata. This town is very easy to access as there are direct lines from both Tokyo Station and Yokohama Station. Moreover there is a straight line from Haneda airport. If you tried the eels before and you didn’t like it, I hope my recommendation will change your mind!

    Ai No Ya Tei

    This restaurant, called Ai No Ya Tei (藍の家亭), and serves Bandou Taro, which is a special kind of eels, that originally lived in one of the largest rivers of Japan; the Tone river.

    This eel doesn’t taste like the other eels you might have tried before, therefore it is totally worth a try!

    The quality of the eels

    There is a special farming method, they create the environment and temperature management that eliminates things such as drags and chemicals, and has been improved to the state close as possible to the natural environment.

    The eel health is also important with respect to the thickness of the body, only those that have a thick bodies can be eaten.

    Ai No Ya Tei restaurant only serves great quality eels, that means that if the place can’t find the proper eel, the restaurant stops serving them.

    If you want to visit there, I strongly recommend you to make a reservation, because this restaurant’s great quality attracts a many people. At lunch time, the cost is around 2,000 JPY or 3,000 JPY, but a dinner there will cost around 4,000 JPY to 5,000JPY.

    It sounds quite expensive but the eels are an expensive food, especially when a restaurant serves you the best eels in Japan.

    Traditionally, in Japan, people eat eels during summer time, because of the hot weather they lack energy, and the eels are considered to be fish that give plenty of energy.

    Eels go just perfect with some Nihon Shu!

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