Passion for Adventure? Join these 3 Thrilling Activity Tours in Japan

  • Are you an outgoing person full of energy and passion for action? If so, then Outdoor Japan Adventures is offering several exciting tours that are sure to be right up your street. Whether your adventure level is beginner, moderate or advanced, you can choose from a variety of sporty activities to get you going. Many of the tours are found in Tokyo (東京) but they are also available in Osaka (大阪), Niigata (新潟), Shizuoka (静岡), Nagano (長野) and other places. I will be introducing three of the offered tours so check them out.

    1. Miyakejima Dolphin Swim Island Getaway

    Miyakejima (三宅島) is located on the Izu (伊豆) archipelago which lies in the Philippine Sea. It is an inhabited volcanic island popular for its dolphins. The ocean surrounding the island is appreciated for its rich coral reefs and marine fauna. With this getaway taking place in May and September 2017 you can spend a weekend on the island for just 42,000 yen.

    Swim with friendly dolphins, go snorkeling or scuba diving, go camping, swimming, hiking and more! A large ferry boat will take passengers to the island from Takeshiba Ferry Terminal (竹芝客船ターミナル). This activity has some requirements that you will need to fit in order to join: You should have experienced snorkeling at least three times and be a confident swimmer. The duration of the activity is two days and 12 hours. So make sure to prepare yourself with lots of swimming practice! This tour is activity is limited to 10 people so be sure to book soon.

    Miyakejima Dolphin Swim Island Getaway Information
    Takeshiba Ferry Terminal Access

    2. Early Spring Ski/Snowboard Lessons

    Do you want to spend half a day on the mountains skiing and snowboarding? You can do just that with qualified instructors from Pod Snow Sports team from now until May 31, 2017. The activity will take place in the Snow Country (雪国) of Niigata (新潟). You can learn from English-speaking instructors who have 36 months coaching experience. They are professional and keen to help you learn as a beginner or to improve your skills.

    This is one of the most affordable ski/snowboard lessons on offer at the moment for a price of 14,000 yen for a group of 5 people. The lessons are two hours long and the location will depend upon the resort of your choice in Niigata. Through this, you can have a memorable experience with your friends and family and can even bring your children along!

    Early Spring Ski/Snowboard Lessons Information
    Pod Snow Sports Access

    3. Downhill Cycling Through an Abandoned Village

    There are many places to enjoy cycling in Japan. Getting on your bike is a healthy and convenient way of getting around. However, cycling through descending hills can be tougher than it sounds. If you are familiar with downhill cycling then this tour might just be for you. Do remember, though, that it requires a high level of fitness!

    Pedal into abandoned villages with a local guide for just 5,000 yen per person. This includes your helmet, guide, bike rental and insurance. The cycling activity takes 4.5 hours and is on offer until November 30, 2017 so you have time for preparation if you choose to join. The tour starts at Shinetsu Shizenkyo Activity Center (信越自然郷アクティビティセンター) at 8:30 am where you will be taken on a secret course through the forest which some locals don’t even know.

    Downhill Cycling Through an Abandoned Village Information
    Shinetsu Shizenkyo Activity Center Access

    There are so many exciting and fantastic adventures in Japan. If you’d like to join the fun in any of the adventures mentioned above, you may register on the Outdoor Japan Adventures site. Just follow what is required and you can let the adventure begin!

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