New Best Shopping Spot in Shibuya: Don Quijote Discount Store Gets a Makeover!

  • For those not yet familiar with the Don Quijote store, you’re in for a treat! Don Quijote, nicknamed “Donki” by locals, is a huge discount store like no other. Found all over Japan, Donki sells pretty much anything and everything you could ever want or need from electronics and household items to fancy dress and cosmetics and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

    While there are several multi-storey Don Quijote stores around Tokyo, the good news is that a new store has just opened in central Shibuya this May 2017. Just a short walk from Shibuya Station, there’s no reason not to get yourself along to check out this unmissable discount store to stock up on Japanese goods whether for yourself or as souvenirs!

    About Don Quijote

    Don Quijote

    Japan had the pleasure of being introduced to Don Quijote when the first store was opened in Tokyo in 1980. Originally going by the less catchy name of Just Co., the store later changed its name to Don Quijote, a title taken from fictional Spanish character Don Quixote. Today, Donki is a store loved by many and has such a strong brand that they even created their own theme song, Miracle Shopping, a painfully catchy song that’s likely to be stuck in your head days later.

    What Can You Buy at Don Quijote?

    Don Quijote stores tend to cover several storeys with each floor dedicated to a different range of products. Maybe your headphones have broken or you need some batteries? You’ve just moved house and need bedding or light fittings? You have a last-minute fancy dress party and have nothing to wear? Don Quijote has all the bits and bobs that you could be looking for, both large and small. The best part – as well as practical items, you’re sure to be tempted into buying some of the most unpractical things on your way around the store.

    On top of electronics and clothing, Don Quijote also has a groceries section, the size of which varies depending on the store. Here you can find canned goods, a large range of reasonably priced liquor and all sorts of typical Japanese ingredients.

    As a discount store, prices at Donki are already relatively low. However, for an even further discount, visitors to Japan can receive items without the 8% tax rate. If you wish to receive your items tax-free and are planning on staying in Japan for less than six months, your products will be specially packaged so you’re not able to open them until you arrive home.

    Shibuya’s New MEGA Don Quijote Store


    Shibuya was already home to what most of us would consider a rather large Don Quijote store. However, with the number of people passing through Shibuya on a daily basis, the chain decided it was time to upgrade their Shibuya branch to a MEGA Donki offering a newer, bigger, better store which opened its doors to the public on May 12, 2017.

    Just a stone’s throw from the old store, Shibuya’s new MEGA Donki is less than a five-minute walk from Shibuya Station and the famous Shibuya Crossing. Now that it’s open, the Shibuya branch plans to never close its doors to the public as it will be open 24 hours with no holidays throughout the year. So, if you ever find yourself in Shibuya at night or early in the morning, just head over to Don Quijote and the many floors are bound to keep you occupied.

    While shopping in Shibuya is a must, a lot of the stores are similar to those you can find back home which is what makes Don Quijote a must-visit. If you’re looking for souvenirs, why not visit Shibuya’s new MEGA Don Quijote store? Some of the weird and wonderful goods that Japan is known for can be found here including unusual flavours of Kitkats, coloured contact lenses, an incredible array of fancy dress outfits and an eclectic selection of phone cases. Just look for the familiar Don Quijote mascot and bright yellow writing. I can assure you that once you’ve visited Don Quijote once, it will be hard to imagine a world without it.

    MEGA Don Quijote Shibuya Store Website

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