T’s TanTan : Healthy Vegetarian Ramen

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    Are you a vegetarian and want to travel to Japan? Don’t worry! you just need to read this post and be ready to be amazed. I am sure that many of you have heard about Ramen. Ramen is one of Japanese famous noodle dishes served on a soup, usually made from animals stock. However, Ramen isn’t always identical with oil, fatty stock, and meats.

    In Japan, you may also find vegetarian ramen dish that will change your perception about vegetables, they even have seemingly meat topping on top of your ramen that are made from beans with a taste exactly like meat. It is really great.

    Gyoza of T’s Tantan made from vegetables

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    One of the famous vegetarian ramen restaurants available in Japan is T’s Tantan, all foods in this restaurant are made from vegetables and beans, no animal contents at all, no milk, nor fish, not even eggs. And if you are not so much of a ramen person, don’t worry they have some other menu that you will not regret trying. Like vegetable gyoza (vegetable dumpling), curry rice, and many kinds of stir fried menu.

    Tantan Ramen of T’s Tantan

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    In some branch of T’s TanTan, they serve vegetable burger as well. The restaurants are located in many strategic locations, the most convenient one is inside the train station like in Tokyo and Sendai, you can eat healthy ramen while waiting your train to depart.

    Not only for vegetarians, for visitors with dietary restriction, it can be an alternative place to enjoy the famous dish: Ramen. For Muslim visitors, as you know that there are only a few Halal ramen restaurants available, so this restaurant could be one of your option because they do not use any animal contents, however they use alcohol for some of their menu, so make sure to ask the staff before order.