Strawberry Picking in Japan

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  • Fresh fruits, who doesn’t like them? If a bread is famous with “fresh from the oven” tag line, then in the case of fruits you can say, “Fresh from the trees”, and the way of doing that is to participate in Fruits picking, unique way to enjoy fresh fruits right from the trees. In Japan, fruit picking is a fun activity to do with friends and family, from strawberries to cherries, from oranges to apples, from grapes to blueberries and from melons to pears. The type of fruit picking depends on the season, location and weather.

    Strawberry paradise

    But enough with the introduction! All of the strawberry lovers, I would like to take you to Watari, the strawberry town in Miyagi prefecture, an area with the biggest field of strawberries in the Tohoku region, and is known for its many strawberry farms along the cost. There are three most famous strawberry picking agencies with many green houses with strawberries lining up. Here, you can try all you can eat strawberry picking for 1500 yen per 30 minutes (They reduce the cost to 1300 yen from May 11th) during the harvest season, that starts in January and lasts to mid of June. Come on! You still have time, don’t miss it! You will not regret it at all; the strawberries planed there are the best in Tohoku region. Big and sweet strawberries will definitely make your day. To make it even more convenient, it’s advisable to make a reservation for strawberry picking, because during the peak season, you probably will not have a chance to enter due to the crowdedness, if you just show up. Here are some famous strawberry agencies in Watari town that you should definitely visit

    Useful information
      • Suzuki Strawberry Garden

    63-1 Teramaeminami, Okumakashima, Watari-machi

      • JA Miyagi Watari Yoshida Strawberry Farm

    45-10 Inarimae, Nagatoro, Watari-machi

      • Ichigo (Strawberry)-land Ko-chan Farm

    116 Nishiyachi, Ngatoro, Watari-machi

    Miyagi Strawberry picking website