4 Basic Items for Men’s Summer Fashion in Japan

  • Unlike the girls, boys normally are simpler in their style. Therefore, their fashion mostly is based on the color or the model of their shirts or pants. However, Japanese boys have different taste in the accessories they choose like the shoes or bag. So what actually their styles look like?

    Soft Color T-shirt

    Almost all of the boys like to wear T-shirt, and so do Japanese boys. Moreover in this summer, T-shirt is the best option to give a relaxed feeling. Japanese boys sometimes like to wear t-shirt with soft colors like pastel, pink, and the basic white. Pink color in the t-shirt will give a nice and different fresh stylish touch. So you can get one to complete your T-shit collection in your wardrobe.

    Pants with creative motives

    For Japanese boys, pants in not always plain and have no motive. Try to wear pants with motive like this guy. You can match this pants with a simple yet edgy shoes.

    Short Pants

    Many Japanese men in the summer wear a shorter pants with a length fixed right below the knee called “Capri pants”. You don’t have to match it with a normal T-shirt, but wear something different as a top to make it looks fashionable.


    Different from other countries, Japanese boys like to use handbags. They use it in any situations and seasons either summer or winter.

    So, if you have any particular interest in those styles. Just try to adopt it and feel like Japanese. Also, if you have a plan to go to Japan this summer and you are wondering about the right trend to adopt, hope this will be a useful reference for you.