The Top 10 Things to Do near Haneda Airport in Ota City, Tokyo

  • Ota City (大田区) is probably the least known among the 23 special wards of Tokyo (東京). Many foreign tourists do not even know much about it even though it is home to one of the country’s famous international airports, namely Haneda (羽田). In fact, Ota is the largest ward in Tokyo and has many things to offer to both local and foreign tourists. Here are ten things to do in the area!

    1. Join the Haneda Airport Exploration Tour

    Haneda Airport is one of the major airports in the country, along with Narita (成田), that serve the Tokyo region. The Ota City Tourist Information Center organizes free tours of Haneda International Airport on specific dates. You can find information on the dates and the meeting point via the link below.

    The International Terminal has an observation deck for you to go and witness the airport at any time of the day. You can find it on the highest floor of the terminal.

    Haneda Airport International Terminal Exploration Tour Website

    2. Buy gifts and souvenirs

    Ota City is famous for its traditional handicrafts including glassware, toys, and others. It is also home to some of Tokyo’s largest manufacturing companies that produce a wide range of electrical goods.

    If you are visiting Ota, get yourself a Hanepyon (はねぴょん), the official mascot of the city, together with kiriko cut glassware which was once famous during the Edo (江戸) era.

    3. Try seaweed at Omori (大森)

    Omori is a small area of Ota which is famous for its seaweed or nori (海苔). You can walk along the streets of Omori and buy seaweed from the shops.

    One shop that has been producing seaweed since 1901 is the Morihan Noriten (守半海苔店) which sells Yakinori Tabekiri packs that are very famous in the region.

    Morihan Noriten Website *Japanese only

    4. Explore the nightlife at Bourbon Road (バーボンロード)

    Bourbon Road is the place you should go if you want to grab a delicious meal or do a bit of fancy shopping in Ota City. It has izakayas, bars, restaurants, pizza shops, malls, and more. The best time to visit this place is during the night where it gets crowded and becomes lively.


    5. Take a black bath

    Ever tried a black bath at a sento (public onsen)? Black baths, or “kuroyu (黒湯)” in Japanese, are the hottest baths you will ever try. The waters of kuroyu look black like cola due to a specific rare mineral from the earth. Some scientists say it has radon, a radioactive material that is present in huge quantities in Tokyo.

    Kuroyu has a lot of benefits as it makes your skin glow and look youthful. But be careful though, as black baths tend to be much hotter than regular baths. Visit Daini Hinode-yu (第二日の出湯) to have this unique experience.

    *Daini Hinode-yu closed permanently as of October 2017.

    Daini Hinode-yu Website

    6. Relax near Senzokuike Pond (洗足池)

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    Tokyo Senzoku-ike ☘️自分のことを好きだからこそ 他人を思いやれます✨ 最近、起きている痛ましい 数々の事件は自分自身を 大切にしていないと強く感じます。 まずは自分を大切にして好きに なってください✨ そして自分自身に接する気持ちを 持って 他人と接する気持ちが 僅かにでも芽生えれば、 それだけでも充分だと思うのです✨ ☘️東京 洗足池です✨ 本日は節分ですね✨ 立春を前に暖かい1日になりそうです。 美味しい食事🍽をいただいて パワーをつけ行動力や思考力全開で 自分なりのステキな1日をお過ごしください🙂 食は大事です。フットワークの軽さや やる気などに影響してきます✨ 本日もみなさんに良きことが待ち受けていますように✨ #tokyo #東京 #senzokuike #自分なりの生き方で #フォロワーさんに大感謝 #街並み #music #バンド活動 #代官山 #代官山カフェ #代官山ランチ #代官山散歩 #ローソン #ローソンスイーツ #ついてる #節分スイーツ #荏原町 #カリスマ性 #朝活 #カリスマ #洗足池 #犬のいる暮らし #ありがとう #長瀬智也さん #明日で年が代わるという思考# @ayashibata0401

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    If you want to relax amidst clean waters and beautiful migrant birds, Senzokuike Pond is the place to go in Ota City. This is also the best place to go during early spring to witness the cherry blossoms. You can leisurely take a boat across the pond and stroll around the park.

    Senzokuike Pond Website

    7. Visit Anamori Inari Shrine (穴守稲荷)

    Anamori Inari is one of the oldest shrines in the city which was first built around 1818 in the area where the Haneda Airport currently lies. Since the building of the airport, the shrine has been shifted to its present location. It is a famous shrine in the region and worshipers come from different areas of Tokyo and do offerings here.

    Anamori Inari Shrine Website

    8. Try Chinese food and carrot buns

    Ota City is famous for some of its Chinese dishes such as winged gyoza (wing-like dumplings) and Xiaolongbao which are steamed dumplings.

    Also, the neighborhood of Magome (馬込) in Ota is famous for a unique type of carrot called “obuto (大太),” which is used in carrot manju (steam buns).


    9. Visit Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple (池上本門寺)

    If you want to see a temple that is as magnificent and as impressive as Tokyo’s Senso-ji Temple (浅草寺) in Asakusa (浅草), Ikegami Honmon-ji is the one to visit. It has a giant five-storied pagoda which was able to withstand earthquakes and war bombings. In fact, it is one of the oldest temples in Tokyo that you must visit alongside the famous Senso-ji.

    Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple Website

    10. Play at Nishi-Rokugo Tire Park (西六郷公園)

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    *写真追加により、再掲載です。イイね!くれてた方すみません💦 . . . #大田区 #品川区 #川崎 #西六郷公園 #西六郷公園タイヤ公園 #タイヤ公園 #タイヤ公園の怪獣 #ゴジラ公園 **************************************** ◎蒲田駅から自転車で5分かからず🚲タイヤで出来たゴジラが有名な公園です。電車から見たことある方も多いかも。 ◎大きい砂場、多数の遊具、大きい滑り台、ブランコがありかなりの人数が遊びに来ても大丈夫🙆この日は保育園の子達が3クラスくらいいらしてましたが、広いので取り合いになることもなくみんな仲良く遊んでいました✨ ◎大きい滑り台、大人からすると少し怖いくらい?こどもは気に入って何回も滑っていました✨ ◎公園向かって左端にテーブル&ベンチが葉っぱの屋根付きでありました。お昼ご飯食べる時はこちらが良さそうです(o^^o) . . . . . ******************************** #子どもの遊び場 #大井町 #大森 #川崎 #川崎ラゾーナ #今日は子どもとどこ行こう #moms_kids #ママライフ #moms_of_killing_time #ig_japan #ig_kids #ベビフル #キズナ #mamanoco #一歳 #男の子ママ #ママカメラ #ママリスタイル #新米ママ #親バカ部 #東京ママ #コドモノ

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    If you want to take your kid or spend time yourself at one of the creative playgrounds in Tokyo, Nishi-Rokugo Tire Park is a must-visit. This park, which is located in the Kamata (鎌田) area of Ota City, is entirely made of unused or recycled tires. There are approximately 3,000 tires in the place, some of which are made into unique sculptures. There is also a huge Godzilla sculpture made with tires if you want to take a picture.

    Nishi-Rokugo Tire Park Website

    Apart from these, there are several other interesting things to do near Haneda in the beautiful city of Ota. Do a transit or stopover in this city when going to or from the Haneda Airport.

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