Beauty of Fukushima, Cherry blossom viewing in Hanamiyama

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    Fukushima, what does pop on your mind when you hear about this prefecture? Don’t tell me that you are scared to come to this prefecture. Yes, this is where the Nuclear leak was. BUT! Do you know that that was just but a small part of the total area of Fukushima!? Fukushima’s area is about as large as half of Belgium!


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    In fact, Fukushima has one of the most beautiful Hanami (Sakura / Cherry Blossom viewing) places in Tohoku region. And yes, there are many people from all around Japan visiting Fukushima for Hanami. One of the most favorite Hanami spots in this prefecture is Hanamiyama (花見山). It is located on a slope of a hill with a spectacular view of Sakura trees and Bandai Azuma mountain range. You can enjoy the perfect view of Sakura with mountains on the background, the ideal Japan’s image.

    Hanamiyama originally was a private place owned by local farmers, who then converted it to flower parks with the breathtaking view. You can enjoy the beauty of Sakura trees while tracking till the top of hills, there are three walking courses that you can take: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. And, of course , our advice is you should take the 60-minute course to enjoy the most of this place. In 60 minute course, you can walk pass the Sakura tunnel and feel like in a royal garden. Don’t forget to bring your camera, or you are going to be missing everything later.

    Sakura-flavored ice cream

    After one hour walk, you can try Hanamiyama local food stalls around the slope. Don’t forget to try Sakura ice cream. Yes, they made ice cream from Sakura, this is Japan, you can find other Japan-only tastes. Everything will surprise you, in a good way, of course.

    So, if you love tracking while enjoying beautiful hills view, then to visit this place is a must.

    Easily accessible


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    Located just 15 minutes by bus from central Fukushima, this place is easy to reach. During Hanami season, there are shuttle buses departing every 15-30 minutes from Fukushima station to Hanamiyama and it costs around 250 yen for a one-way trip.

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