Will This Interesting Video Help Drivers in Japan Practice Road Safety?

  • Recently, various deaths and injuries in relation to reckless driving have been happening in Japan. Though most drivers in Japan are careful and polite, accidents can still happen, especially when drivers are careless. In line with this, a campaign in Okayama Prefecture (岡山県) has been started through a video which highlights the importance of road safety and aims to remind drivers to turn their signals. Unlike other campaigns, this one is quite “bubbly” and unique. Let’s check out why!

    Careless Driving


    Careless driving is an ongoing problem almost everywhere in the world. Most road accidents are caused by drivers who can’t seem to follow traffic rules. To make matters worse, most of these accidents involve young children.

    Many drivers do not use their turn signals, which is very important in order to let other drivers know what they intend to do. Some of them disregard basic traffic laws such as running a red light, turning without signaling, or ignoring pedestrians. Some speed on narrow residential streets or drive at night without their lights on.

    Paying attention to traffic rules requires patience but better to be safe than sorry. Getting into vehicular accidents in Japan comes with a long and tedious process so it is always best to be mindful and courteous when driving.

    The Campaign

    Due to the ongoing vehicular accidents, Okayama Prefecture teamed up with Toyota in order to make the “Okayama Toyopet ZERO Project” campaign. This is also because, among all the prefectures in Japan, Okayama has the highest number of drivers who fail to turn their signals. According to reports, one accident happens every 50 minutes in Okayama.

    In line with this, they created a video highlighting the importance of road safety through the story of a man who is on his way to his new home in Okayama. All set and ready, the man drives his car yet stops as he stumbles upon a bizarre sight. Pedestrians walk in bubble wrap, including their pets. It may look surprising at first, but it is soon revealed that the bubble wraps are to protect themselves from reckless drivers. There are also some scenes where drivers seem to have no care in the world and just hit people along the way.

    The message of the video is for drivers to use their turn signals for their own and everyone else’s safety. The video received several comments online, with some wondering how unsafe the traffic condition is in Okayama. Some think it was a great commercial that will cause awareness due to its sarcastic tone and the interesting use of bubble wrap. The video quickly garnered over hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube since its upload on April 5, 2017, and it is currently being aired as a commercial.

    If you ever drive to Okayama or any part of Japan, be mindful of road safety. Avoid tailgating and reckless cutting in. This will help lessen the number of accidents and increase the number of memorable travels in the area.

    Okayama Toyopet ZERO Project Website *Japanese only

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