Do You Know How to Take Care of Your Baby While Traveling in Japan?

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  • Taking care of a baby while traveling can be an impossible task as it requires a lot of care, attention, and planning. Mothers may have doubts about breastfeeding, or how to change their kid’s diapers in public, etc. Some do not even know how or where to buy diapers in Japan. Also, not all places in Japan have kid-friendly facilities. So it is advised to get as much information as possible before coming to Japan with a baby.

    Public Etiquette



    Many mothers wonder if they can breastfeed in public in Japan, and the answer is yes! It is okay to breastfeed in a restaurant or on a train and people won’t freak out that much, unlike in some countries where it’s very controversial. But be careful when you are on the train as it can get pretty crowded.

    Diaper change

    You can find multi-purpose toilets and changing tables in many places in Japan, including major stores, bullet trains, airports, etc. You have to throw used diapers in the dustbins, and if you can’t find one, buy a separate carry bag for such items.

    Also, keep a changing mat in the stroller in case you can’t find any place to change your baby’s diapers. Keep a soap or disinfectant nearby while changing the diapers to avoid any possible embarrassment.


    Always have extra baby food and diapers ready in your bag as it can be difficult to find them in some areas. It is also advised to bring an easy-to-handle stroller as many places in Japan can get very crowded.

    How to Buy Baby Products


    Some people may find Japan to be more kid-friendly than any other Western country as there are plenty of options for baby food, clothing, etc. available anywhere in Japan. You just have to be familiar with some Japanese terms and you will be fine.

    For example, if you need to find baby food, you can simply ask for “rinyushoku (離乳食)” in a store or restaurant. If you can’t find diapers on your own, just ask for “omutsu (おむつ)” in a store. Most convenience stores, drugstores, and malls in Japan sell diapers and other baby products which you can easily find without asking anyone.

    If you are looking for a particular store specifically to buy baby products, visit the chain store called “Yodobashi (ヨドバシ)” which sells a wide range of stuff.

    Additional Tips


    Here are some additional tips when traveling with a baby in Japan:

    • Be careful with strollers while using staircases, escalators, and elevators. If you want to be safer, you can buy baby carriers and slings which allow your baby to be close to you.
    • In some small stations, restaurants, or parks, you may find squat toilets without changing tables. In such cases, keep a travel changing mat to keep your baby on the floor.
    • In Japan, there are diapers for adults, too, so don’t get confused in a store while shopping. Always look for items with baby pictures on them.
    • If you are looking for Japanese brands of baby food, some of the popular ones are Kewpie (キューピー) and Wakodo (和光堂).
    • If you are looking for Japanese brands of diapers, some of the popular ones are Merries (メリーズ) and GOO.N (グ~ン).
    • Do not worry about the size of diapers as you can usually find different sizes in the baby section of any store.

    This is how you take care of your baby in public in Japan. Japan is a very tolerant country and people are ready to help you in case of an emergency. You and your baby will definitely have a good time anywhere in Japan!

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