Why Should You Use Japanese Bamboo Charcoal in Your Daily Life?

  • Does it feel humid inside your room? Does your cupboard or refrigerator have that odd smell? Is the tap water in your home not that clean to be consumed? Do you want your skin to be smooth? Well, here is a solution for all these various needs: Charcoal!

    Yes, activated charcoal has the ability to purify your drawers, make your fridge smell fresh, give a glow to your skin, and other whatnots! Bamboo charcoal, or “takesumi (竹炭)” in Japanese, is very porous and is capable of purifying air and water.

    Advantages of Takesumi


    Takesumi is definitely one of the most advantageous and multi-purpose products on this planet. It can absorb humidity inside your room and make you feel more comfortable. It is also used in purifying drinking water, reducing the smell in the fridge or bathroom, keeping fruits fresh, keeping clothes crisp, etc.

    Aside from those, takesumi also kills bacteria, resists harmful chemicals, gives you smooth skin when applied topically, gives you natural black hair when shampooed, and so on. Even doctors and therapists recommend takesumi to be consumed on a periodic basis to cleanse the insides of your body.

    There are different brands of takesumi detoxes available in the market. It is said to be antifungal, antibacterial, and antivirus, and it can even absorb nuclear radiation. You can take a small scoop of it daily to control IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or any food sensitivities. The only downside is you cannot take it when you are on regular medication as it can reduce the effects of it.

    How and Where to Buy

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    Finding takesumi in Japan is can be a difficult task as not many stores sell it. You most likely have to buy it online or visit a local drugstore or home store nearby. You can easily find takesumi on Amazon or Rakuten, but be careful with what you choose because there are different types of takesumi for different purposes.

    You will find takesumi meant for body odor, bathing, gardening, storing clothes, brushing teeth, and other purposes. Takesumi meant for nutrition is a bit different from those of external usage. So read carefully before you buy!

    Takesumi has long been used as a natural detox and purifier that does not have any chemicals. The prices are actually very cheap. You can easily buy a week’s supply for as low as a few hundred yen.

    Fun Facts About Takesumi
    • Did you know that there are actually home products made of takesumi, such as beds, door mats, scrubs, towels, and so on?
    • Did you know that IKEA Japan even introduced a black charcoal hotdog made of edible takesumi known as “Ninja Dog (忍者ドッグ)”? They released it in order to commemorate their ten years of successful launch in the Land of the Rising Sun. Both the sausage and the bun were black with a flavor of charcoal.

    As you can see, there is a variety of usage of takesumi in our day to day lives. Its purification properties are widely used in home keeping, hygiene, and nutrition.

    Do get yourself some takesumi and start using it in your daily life. It is definitely a must-have at home. It works like an elixir in making your house smell fresh and your body parasite-free. Many have tried it and said that it works like a gem. Stop using chemicals and go all natural now!

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