In Ueno and Feeling Hungry? Here Are 3 Restaurants Serving Great Food in the Area

  • UENO
  • Ueno (上野) is one of the oldest cities in Tokyo (東京) and is a must-visit when you are in Japan. Thousands of visitors come to the place due to its rich cultural spots and shopping districts. But aside from these, there are also many places to eat or enjoy a good meal. Many restaurants and shops in the area cater to different tastes. If you ever visit and get hungry, have your meal at one of these three restaurants in Ueno that will surely satisfy your appetite!

    1. Brasserie L’écrin (ブラッスリー・レカン)

    This is a traditional yet high-class French restaurant that is very welcoming to guests. Though the place looks elegant, there is no dress code.

    The lunch here is reasonably priced, thus it is often visited by many people. The service is really good despite the number of customers as the staff makes sure to attend to their guests’ needs.

    Their lunch set menu ranges from 1,700 yen to 4,200 yen and these are really tasty. If you’d like to have dessert, you can add 500 yen. Apart from lunch, this place can also be a great budget venue for parties such as birthdays or anniversaries.

    Brasserie L’écrin Website

    2. Kamonka Ueno Bamboo Garden (過門香 上野バンブーガーデン)

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    If you prefer to eat Chinese food for lunch, head to Kamonka inside Ueno’s Bamboo Garden. It serves authentic gourmet Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price, and they use seasonal ingredients from different parts of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, etc.). The restaurant has an English-speaking staff who can assist you as well as an English and Chinese menu.

    Their meals are served proportionately with dessert. Some of their popular menus include Extra Spicy Stir-fried Chicken (2,000 yen), Sesame Dumpling (630 yen), Shark Fin Stew (8,800 yen), and Almond Jelly (630 yen). A kid’s menu is also available.

    The restaurant is open every day and has a maximum seating capacity of 280.

    Kamonka Ueno Bamboo Garden Website

    3. LA COCORICO (ラ ココリコ)

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    LA COCORICO is a Western-style cafe and pub where you can eat Italian and French cuisines. It is a very popular place for eating rotisserie chicken. What makes their chicken different from others is the juicy meat enclosed in crunchy skin. Customers even have the freedom to choose the size of the chicken they want to order, whether half-size or full-size.

    This is also a child-friendly restaurant so you can bring your kids along. Children’s chairs and menu are also available. Aside from having an English menu, other menus available include vegetarian menu, all-you-can-drink menu, and birthday-benefits menu.

    The restaurant tries to satisfy their customers’ needs as much as possible so feel free to ask the staff. On normal days, the seating capacity is 58, while maximum banquet seating capacity is 60 and maximum standing capacity is 100.

    LA COCORICO Ueno Website

    Walking along the streets of Ueno is fun as you get to open yourself to one of Tokyo’s most cultured areas while exploring different lunch spots along the way. Becoming familiar with different dishes and trying out new ones give you a new perspective in traveling. If you ever stumble upon Ueno during your travels in Japan, do not forget to visit these three restaurants with great lunch offerings which will surely ease your hunger.

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