5 Famous Spots for Hanami in Nagoya

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  • In Nagoya, you can find several beautiful places where it would be perfect to celebrate the Hanami season. I will introduce some of those famous spots.

    Nagoya Castle

    Nagoya Castle or also known as Nagoya Jou is one of the most popular places for Hanami. Many varieties of cherry trees are planted around the park and along Nagoya-Jou. You can enter the castle for only 500yen. Apart from Hanami, you can also enjoy various events that are usually held on weekends during the spring festival.


    Yamazaki River

    Yamazaki River is lined by various kinds of cherry trees for about 1 kilometre. The row of the sakura trees are widely known by many people and it always attracts many people for long promenade along the river. There are also some few stalls that sell delicious foods that you can eat while enjoying the Hanami.

    Tsurumai Park

    You can expect some difference in Tsurumai Park during Hanami season. During this season, Tsurumai Park comes alive with Hanami party and a lot of food stalls. To go there, you can take Tsurumai subway line to Tsurumai park station.


    Inuyama Castle

    Inuyama Castle is the oldest castle in Japan. It was built in 1440. During Hanami seasons, this castle is surrounded by hundreds of cherry trees. You can go there by train and it only takes about 40 minutes from Nagoya Station.You can take Meitetsu line heading for Unuma and get off at Inuyama-Yuen station.


    Nagoya Heiwa Park

    Heiwa Park is located near Nagoya University. This peaceful park has approximately 2000 cherry trees and it also provide a very wide space for various activities. There is also some playground where children can play. You can get off at Higashiyama Koen Station and walk about 15 minutes to go there. This park is the perfect place if you want to get away from large crowds during Hanami season.