This Bike Rental in Tokyo Offers Coffee, Cycling, and Sake – in That Order!

  • Tokyo is full of entertaining and interesting things. Though it is a huge metropolis, its main hotspots are not that far apart. Going around the city can be done easily in a more intimate and street-level perspective than by bus or train. In order to do this, by bicycle is an excellent way to get around. Tokyobike offers bicycle rental, but that’s not all they have!

    Tokyobike Rentals in Yanaka

    Tokyobike’s rental service in Yanaka (谷中) provides more than just wheels as you’ll also be provided with recommended routes to take. A suitable bicycle model will also be offered to you. You can do all this while sipping a freshly brewed coffee in their cafe. The bike rental facility is a combination of many things. There is a travel information center, a coffee house, and a sake bar. This is the perfect base to go out for an adventure and relax after.

    Their Concept

    Tokyobike has been open since 2002. Its original goal was only to sell bicycles in the city but later on, they embraced the thought of providing simple and classic yet functional bikes that would be appreciated by riders. Since then, it has used the concept of “comfort above speed”, where the biker’s level of satisfaction in choosing a bicycle is prioritized. This simple concept made it so successful that it even expanded abroad to London, Singapore, New York, and Berlin.

    Their bicycles are simple yet attractive and light to ride. They acknowledge the fact that one can have a taste of the slow life Tokyo used to have.

    How to Rent a Bike

    You have to make a reservation before you can rent a bicycle. You can do this online by selecting the date and model from their HP reservation system. You will receive a reply mail regarding this and you need to keep it until your visit the shop. It is advisable that you wear loose clothing that is easy to move in during your visit. Do remember the business hours and bring a valid ID with you.

    The shop opens at 10:00am. Their staff will guide you to your bicycle preference and you can rent it for the whole day until 6:30pm for 2,500 yen. If you’d like to extend the use for another day, you may do so at a lower rate of 1,500 yen. You need to wear a helmet during your tour as it is required around Tokyo. You can rent headgear there for 500 yen, and you can also drop any bags or luggage off at the shop by renting a locker for 500 yen.

    It is recommended that you eat some food before you travel around to ensure you have sufficient energy and don’t burn yourself out. When you return your bike, you can head to the attached sake bar, where you’ll find a huge selection of spirits selected by the company. You also have the option to go to nearby restaurants in Yanaka, so if you’d like to eat out after your trip, do a bit of research beforehand. You may also ask the staff for recommendations.

    If you haven’t decided yet how to explore the city of Tokyo, consider using a rented bicycle from Tokyobike Rentals in Yanaka! Be sure to make a reservation first, as bicycles are limited. Always make sure you follow the road traffic laws as well as the rules and manners. And in the case of bad weather, no cancellation fee will be charged, so you can book with peace of mind. Hop on!

    Tokyobike Rentals website

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