Take Your Kanazawa Trip to the Next Level by Staying at These 2 Luxury Hotels in 2018

  • Kanazawa (金沢) preserves many of Japan’s ancient architecture. It has several landscape gardens, ponds, streams, and castles frequented by travelers from different parts of the world. Thanks to the Hokuriku Shinkansen (北陸新幹線), it is even more accessible for people coming from the Tokyo area. If you’d like to enjoy the old-world atmosphere of Kanazawa, might as well stay at these two popular luxury hotels that will surely make your travel a memorable one.

    1. Hotel Nikko Kanazawa (ホテル日航金沢)

    This is the tallest international hotel in Hokuriku. It consists of 30 stories reaching 130 meters in height.

    As a luxury hotel, it helps guests live comfortably as much as possible. It provides plenty of colorful amenities as well as meticulous hospitality, similar to the many Nikko Hotels around the world. This place is a great base for business, sightseeing, and leisure.

    Guest rooms are located on the 17th floor which offers a vast view of Kanazawa’s charming streets. You can choose among different rooms: Twin, Double, Queen, Deluxe, Suite, and Imperial Suite. The Imperial Suite is the most expensive one with an area of 108 square meters.

    Only the finest dishes are served at the hotel’s eight restaurants and bars. You can enjoy European cuisine at La PLAGE, Chinese cuisine at Toh-Lee (桃李), and Japanese cuisine at Benkay (弁慶). A sushi counter is also located on the 6th floor where guests can enjoy dishes prepared from seasonal ingredients.

    Furthermore, banquet halls are available for parties, speech performances, and the like. This place is also ideal for international conferences requiring certain facilities to meet business needs.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    2. Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel (金沢 彩の庭ホテル)

    This hotel can be your home away from home while experiencing the 400-year history of Kanazawa. It is proudly surrounded by gardens that change colors throughout the different seasons. Here, magnificent trees are uniquely arranged with the soothing sound of water.

    The hotel offers superior accommodation and hospitality for guests so they can have a relaxing time. You can either choose a Western-style room or a Japanese-style room, depending on your taste. Wi-Fi and wired Internet connection are both available in the rooms. Roomwear and pajamas are also readily prepared in the room. You are free to use these on all floors of the building except the lobby.

    A public bath is also available in the hotel with relaxing garden views and a bath lounge where you can see mountains spread before your eyes. You can also use the training room with a large selection of the latest equipment if you stay overnight. The lobby has been designed with tree materials to give off a relaxing feel. And if you are looking for a place to enjoy drinking, the lounge is most suitable.

    At the hotel’s information center, you can use the PC and the printer for business reasons as these are free of charge. If you’d like to read magazines and books, you may head to the library which offers a huge selection of materials to read.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    These two luxury hotels are recommendable if you’re longing for the ultimate Kanazawa travel experience. The rooms are clean and the services are of high standards. You can find almost everything you need at these hotels as they aim to give their guests the perfect retreat of a lifetime.

    *Featured Image:jp.fotolia.com/